Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Five Minute Headband {Or an easy belt...}

 {This is an oldie but goodie tutorial that I still make for presents for all the birthday parties that we go to....I use them to wrap the outside of the present and they look darling.  So, I thought I'd share in case you need a quick Christmas gift for some little girls.}

I literally grabbed what I had and made a 5 minute headband before running out to take these pictures.  This headband is in no way new or exciting, but I liked it.  Mostly, because I love simple, classic styles. 

Here's how you do it....

I used some super wide bias tape because it's what I had. But I later used some grosgrain ribbon that works well too.

*17 inch piece of wide bias tape for headband
*8 inch piece of bias tape for bow
*3 inch piece of bias tape for middle of bow
*3 inch piece of 1/4 inch elastic for back of headband

(I am kind of embarassed about how terrible my cutting mat looks.  Please ignore. )

Step 1
Fold in ends of bias tape and then pin your piece of elastic into one end.

Step 2
Repeat for the other end.  Then sew up the ends and sides of the headband.  It will look like this when done.

Step 3.
Make your bow.  I just folded the ends in toward the middle and sewed.

Step 4 (no picture but it's easy enough)
I wrapped the middle piece and handstitched to the headband.  (Or you can always use hot glue....it works well too.)

The other thing is.....they make a darling belt for a little girl too.  A perfect thing to add to a simple tee.
And you know me, I just had to make a few more the next day.  We LOVE headbands at our house. 

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  1. I forgot all about these...I want to make some...like a matching set for Grace and Ruth.

  2. Oh, shoot! That was me (liZ) that commented above...I forgot I was in our Simple Simon account when I commented....

  3. Thanks for sharing. Made two matching ones for my daughters and they love them! My oldest has been complaining about hard headbands that hurt but has been wanting to grow out her bangs. These are perfect!


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