Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Post- Jessica from Me Sew Crazy

Our guest poster today is also someone that you know and love from Season 2, the girl who is a sewing machine! Jessica can crank out whole outfits is no time flat (I want that talent) and always with a perfect style that is comfortable and creative for the kidlets in her life.
Her blog, well, you already know that too, is Me Sew Crazy and lucky for all of us...she posts all her tutorials on there. Amazing!
And here's Jessica.......
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack - HA!!!

When Liz & Elizabeth told me about their plans for Project Run & Play, I was super excited! And when they asked if I could do guest post for them, I knew I had the PERFECT tutorial...

Remember my final entry for the last season of PR&P? Part of my submission included a perfectly fitting high waisted pant...

These really do fit beautifully, and are ideal for your growing child! As we venture into the days where elastic waistbands aren't always the standard, the side zipper and back darts on these pants allot for an ideal fit. But still has lots of room for movement for these kiddos that are constantly on the go!

You can make them in almost any material you want, depending on the Season. I made mine using a wool blend for the first PR&P pair, and a fun bright red corduroy for the second pair.

Now trying to get my daughter to stand still for this photo shoot was another project altogether...

And of course she was upset that I made them in red, not pink. What can I say, I was thinking about Christmas being around the corner!!! When I told her she could wear a pink shirt with them, that seemed to make life alright again...

For your free tutorial to make these Perfectly Fitting High Waisted Pants for your little one, click HERE.

Thanks so much for having me back here at Project Run & Play, I am really looking forward to seeing all that is to come in the days that follow!

Auf Wiedersehen :)

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  1. Those are darling, Jessica! And so great that she was satisfied with the red as long as she could wear the pink shirt!!! so cute.

  2. She is so cute! Love the red version too. :)


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