Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{Meet the Designers} Kate from See Kate Sew

My name is Kate and I blog at see kate sew. I really love to sew and make things! I love photography, too. So blogging has been such a fun hobby for me! My blog is a mix of vintage and modern fashion and sewing. I love sharing outfits with things that I've made. Clothing is my downfall! But I've found I like to make or refashion them more than I like buying them, so I share lots of my tutorials along the way.

My husband just finished grad school! Yay! So we're on the job hunt (so exciting!). And we have a high-strung 1 year old boy. He's the best thing ever. I'm relishing in first-time mommyhood, trying to figure out how to get veggies in his belly and I still suck at clipping his little nails.

Outside of blogging and motherhood, I love to exercise and eat sushi, separately. I also like reading non-fiction and wandering through the perfume section. You can follow my adventures at see kate sew!

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  1. I just want to say that you're not the only one who still sucks at clipping 1 yr old boy fingernails. Why does it have to be harder than trimming my labrador's nails?!?


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