Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Meet the Designers} Kristin from skirt as top

Hi, I’m Kristin and I blog over at skirt as top. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, 3.5 year old daughter, and 1 year old son. I usually sew while they’re sleeping at night, because I work at an office job 4 days a week. Sewing (and blogging) is a great way for me to use the creative part of my brain. My mom sewed for my sisters and I when we were little and taught me the basics, but when my husband gave me a sewing machine a couple years ago, learning how to sew immediately became my passion. I’ve learned so much from blogs, sewing books, and patterns (and the occasional call to mom), and I’m truly grateful for the generosity of the sewing community. I’m thrilled to be joining Project Run & Play this season after following along avidly since the beginning!

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  1. Yay! We are in it together. So excited to see what you make. It'll be so fun to have our age matching kids virtually side-by-side.

  2. Hurray for you,I will be cheering for you!

  3. So excited to see you here! I'll be rooting for you-- you're going to be AMAZING! -- Kim :)


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