Friday, December 30, 2011

The Pattern Remix---A Favorite Challenge

In every cycle of Project Run and Play there has been a "Pattern Remix Challenge" and this cycle will be no exception.  In fact, the remix challenge will kick of the competition this Monday. 

Remixing patterns is just plain fun and we can't wait to see what the contestants come up with.  They will be using the June Bug Dress pattern from Craftiness is not Optional.  It is a fantastic pattern to begin with so whatever they do with it is sure to be amazing.

Contestants last season got the chance to remix Lil Blue Boo's very cute Recycled T-Shirt Dress.  Here are a few designs that they came up with:

Fun huh?
Remember though, it's not just the contests that get to play this time.  You do to.  So get sewing! 
 Just  head on over to  Craftiness is not Optional  for the free tutorial and let the remixing begin.  Then down load a photo of  your design to the flicker group by 8:00 on the morning of Friday the 6th (that's one week from today) for a chance to win $25 from .
Good Luck and we will see you all on Monday!

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  1. I can't wait! I'm literally working on my entry to post to the FLIKER group right now! I have to take a break while my little one is napping. I need her to try on what I have so far to see how I need to alter what I'm doing. :-D

  2. I have mine done-working on my blog post to go with it and a few detail photos! It was really fun to do a remix, can't wait for the other categories!

  3. I CANNOT wait to see all the designs! So excited! :D

  4. I finished mine! I hope you like it Jess! ~Stephanie


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