Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Finally Here!!! Day 1 of Project Run and Play Season 3

HOORAY!!!  It's finally here! The beginning of Season 3 here at Project Run and Play. 
 (We are so excited!)
Wow, Ok, so there are a lot of things to announce this morning....where do we begin?
Let's start with a list:
#1.  Week One
Starts today!  The theme is a pattern remix challenge. (We love the pattern remix---it has been a challenge in each of the seasons here on Project Run and Play.)   This week each of the contestants were given the same pattern and asked to do a design based on it.  Contestants will be using their own creativity and unique styles to mix up the pattern and make it their own.

This challenge is one of our favorites because it's so cool to see how many different ways a pattern can be changed.  We can't wait to see what the contestants come up with.  This season contestants will be using the June Bug Dress Pattern which looks like this:
    And that you can find here at one of our favorite blogs Craftiness is not Optional.
(And not only is the dress darling but the pattern/ tutorial for it  is FREE!!!)
Thank you again Jess for letting us use your pattern.
#2.  The At Home Sew Along Contest:
Remember that this season it's not only the contestants that get get to play along---you can to!  (And we really hope that you do.)  So here is a brief run down of how the at home sew along works:  On Monday's we announce the theme for the week.  Then at any point before 8:00 am on Friday morning of that week you can upload a photo of your design to the Project Run and Play flicker group which you can find HERE.

Then  over the weekend your designs will be reviewed by our two lovely judges (Jessica from Me Sew Crazy and Alida from I Make Stuff) who will pick a winner that will be announced the following Monday morning.  AND that winner will receive $25 to use at the super cool!  (Awesome huh?  We are so excited about this---honestly, all this's going to be fantastic!)

The only rules we have are these---your designs need to be recent (as in made since the announcement of the at home sewing competition which happened just before Christmas), YOU need to have made them, if you use a pattern or a tutorial please give credit to the source it came from, and to make our judges life easier please post which theme your design goes with (ex. pattern remix, boys week, ect.).

And one last thing:  to make every one's life easier we've listed all the themes for this season of Project Run and Play which means you can get started now sewing for any of the themes that interest you this season.  (And just in case you missed them here they are again, in order:  The June Bug Dress Pattern Remix, Boys Week, Sewing through the Decades, Outer Wear, and Special Occasion Wear.)

SO get sewing!  There will be a winner and the $25 prize to each week---and we've already some some great designs popping up on the flicker page!  (We're already loving this!!!)

#3.  The Weekly Line-UP
During the contest our weekly posts will look like this: 
MON:  Announcements of weekly winners (both the contestants and our at home sew along designers), announcement of the weekly theme, and any other housekeeping items. 
TUES:  We have a list of awesome bloggers who will be sharing fun children's clothing posts.
WED:  Weekly winner contestants will be sharing tutorials on how they made their winning looks. THUR:  Giveaway day---you won't want to miss out on these days, the giveaways are excellent!
FRI:  All of our contestants looks will be revealed and the voting will begin.  This post will stay up through the weekend when the voting closes on Sunday night.

WheW!  So I think that is all the announcements for today...
HooRay for the beginning of Season 3 of Project Run and Play!

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  1. I'm so excited to see all of the designs! Doesn't it feel like we've waited forever for the season to begin?

  2. I couldn't wait till today so I posted my dress yesterday! lol I am LOVING this! Thanks for all your hard work! ~Stephanie

  3. Yay! can't wait to see it unfold this season!! :)

  4. So exciting! I hope to make my sister a version of that dress.

  5. Excited! Working on my entry for the sew-along right now :)

  6. oh my, just maybe I can get something in by friday. Way cool that readers can play along too!!!

  7. ohh, I wish I had seen this earlier! I would have loved to make a version of this dress... Oh well maybe I can do something for boys week...


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