Monday, January 16, 2012

Boy's Week Winners and Sewing Through the Decades Announcements

Alright, it's another big day with loads of announcements.
So let's get down to business!
First of all the winner of BOYS WEEK is Danielle from My Sparkle with her "Little Man Tuck" design.  (So adorable.)
And as for our at home sew along winners...this week we had a tie!  (We couldn't believe it---but with all the awesome boys clothing that was uploaded to the Flicker group we are happy to be giving out more that just one prize!)  So with our further ado our at home sew along winners are:
 You & Mie AND...Pinafores and Pinwheels.  Two very different looks---both super great styles!
Congratulations you two!  Both of you will be receiving $25 to the ever awesome

And now for the part we hate...saying goodbye.  Not that any week is going to be easy but seriously---how do we let someone go who shows up with designs like this?  Not only are Jessica's designs fantastic but her photos are wonderful and her children are beautiful.  (How could anyone not love this picture?)
I know we will miss Jessica's style and will definitely continue to follow her over at Sweetie Pie Bakery.  Thank you Jessica for sharing your talents with us.

Because today is Monday it is the beginning of our 3rd challenge:  Sewing through the Decades!
The idea is simple---choose a decade and design a children's outfit based on the fashion trends during that era.  Easy huh?  It can be for a boy or a girl.  It can be fancy or casual.  AND it can be from any decade you like!  (I can't decided which decade I'm going to go with...)

If you are sewing at home and entering the Flicker group contest remember that you have to have sewn the item since Christmas and that your photos need to be in the Flicker group by 8:00 Friday morning.  Good luck!  We LOVE seeing what everyone is making!

Ok friends.  I think that is everything. 
Now, if you'll excuse me I've got to get sewing!
Enjoy the holiday!

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  1. Congratulations to the winners! I was rooting for Pinafores and Pinwheels this week after I saw her super cute take on my blazer pattern.

  2. Sad! The Play Date outfit was my favorite!! I want everything that adorable little guy is wearing!!! It was just perfect. Just shows this is tough competition! Great job to everyone.

  3. Oh Congratulations Again to Danielle.... She did an AMAZING job!! And Yes, I couldn't see how anyone couldn't LOVE LOVE LOVE that Adorable little guy in Jessica's photo... And a BIG congratulations to your 2 sew along... And thank you for ALL the GREAT Fun!!!

  4. I am jumping up and down like a total dork over here! I'm honored to be sharing the win with You and Mie, that outfit was adorable! THANK YOU! {resuming jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas} ~Stephanie

  5. oh man, congrats danielle!!!

    and way to go jessica. i loved the clothes and the styling and the model - all adorable, you should be proud!

  6. awe... I've been following Jessica's blog for a while now and I'm so sad to see her go! I hope everyone checks out her blogs to see what a wonderfully creative woman she is!!! Congrats to the winners for their fantastic designs!
    I look forward to seeing everyone's creations each week, what a great contest to follow!

  7. Oh my goodness, I've been trying for two days to post a comment, but something wasn't working! Anyways, EEEEEK!! Thank you so much for picking my outfit. I love that there was a tie - I adore Stephanie's outfit so much. Thanks to the judges and everyone who has left really encouraging and sweet comments, and of course, to you ladies for hosting such an awesome competition and sew-along. I'm having a blast!! Congrats to Danielle on her well deserved second win. I am bummed to see Jessica go though - that boy outfit was so cute. Thanks again to everyone!!


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