Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pattern Remix---The " I Wish it was June, Bug" Dress...AND Something New

Hey it's me.
Sorry...we just couldn't help ourselves.  The June Bug Dress was just too cute and a pattern remix is just too tempting and well, we had to play along.  So here's what I came up with.  The "I Wish it was June, Bug." dress.
I've been a bit of a humbug this year....I JUST WANT IT TO BE SUMMER AGAIN ALREADY!  (I really do---due to issues I had with my pregnancy I spent most of my late summer and fall in doors and I've got spring fever something fierce.)  So all I want to make are summer clothes---especially dresses.
And then when I saw how darling this pattern was I didn't have the heart to change it very much so I just chose to follow it almost completely---changing only the sleeves (leaving them off) and turning the length into a maxi.
It will be perfect for June!  But, for now...seeing as it is the first of January, it still may bit a little too chilly.  Ok---it's way too cold. (Poor Grace---she needed a whole bag of Swedish Fish and to ride around in the mini van with the heat on high to recover after taking these pictures.)  Oh summer, why can't you start today?

***To see Elizabeth's awesome June Bug Dress inspired skirt head on over to Simple Simon and Company and check it out.  (It's so stinking cute AND she has a tutorial to share!  Really, it's a good one.  You won't want to miss it!)***

Now for the "Something New"....
You may have noticed that the blog got a fun new look over night.  And it's all thanks to this fantastic lady:

Shannon the super nice super awesome creator of luvinthemommyhood.
If you haven't visited her blog you are missing out.  Not only is she nice---like would love to have her for my neighbor nice---but she has a laid back easy style that seems effortless.  Trust me.  If you don't know her yet, your going to love her. (Oh, and did I mention she is also one of our celebrity judges here at Project Run and Play?)

Well, Shannon has shared with us her talent and given the blog a major face lift.  (Not only can she craft but she's got techno skills as well!)  We love it...the header, the colors, the cute new button, everything!  Thank you so much Shannon for new look.

So let's see...I posted my remix, told you about Elizabeth's remix and talked about Shannon's coolness.  I think that's all there is for today---except to remind you that you only have until Friday morning to upload your photos for the June Bug Remix.  (We already have some great entries posted on the Flicker group!)  Now that really is all there is for today.  Hope you have a good one!  

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  1. Love the maxi! That was actually on my to-do list with the Junebug pattern for this summer!

  2. love the remix, and the new look! A maxi is perfect, and the blog looks so fresh now - fantastic!

  3. Love the new look, I already updated my button last night! Love the maxi! ~Stephanie

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes my children freeze outside for photo shoots! Great alternation :)

  5. This looks great! I love the clean sleek look of the blog! I think I'll have to add a maxi to my list as well!

  6. Thanks for the kind words ladies! You guys are so sweet and it was my pleasure to help out :) I'm so excited for this season of PR&P!

    Love the dress too! So fab!

  7. Your remix is so cute, but Grace's poor sweet face, haha! She needed our weather out here - mid/upper 60s all week, it practically is spring! except there's no rain, which means that I have to water my plants. boo.

    love the new blog look!

  8. She looks freezing! You made a summer dress in the northern hemisphere winter and I made a woollen jacket in the southern hemisphere summer! Bit mixed up!

  9. I love the new look, it's so fresh and modern! Shannon really has the magic touch!

  10. soo cute, the dress & blog all the same. Shannon is awesome!

  11. Nicely done, Shannon! Love the "new look." And a super cute maxi, Liz! That's what made this challenge difficult - the dress is almost too cute to remix!! :)

  12. Yay, good job Shannon! You rule!


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