Monday, January 9, 2012

Pattern Remix Winners and Boy's Week Announcements

So SO SOOOOOOO much to do today.
Let's get started!
The winner of Week 1(The Pattern Remix Challenge) is Danielle from My Sparkle with her lovely "Every Color in the Box Dress".  What a beautiful design!  And those colors are delicious!
This season we've added something new---each week our weekly winner will receive a prize from one of our awesome sponsors!  That means that this week Danielle will get a $25 gift certificate to The Peek a Boo Pattern Shop.  This shop is full of fun patterns---especially darling baby shoe patterns like these:
Next up is an item of business that we would rather just skip. (It's the part where we have to say goodbye to one of the designers.)  Honestly, as much as we love this competition I don't think we will ever get used to letting anyone go.  Obviously we don't want anyone to go---we invited them all here to play. 
But our first friend to leave us is Susan from Living With Punks.  (At least we can still pop on over to her blog and check out her on going the kaleidoscope blanket that she just's so cool.)  Thank you Susan for sharing your amazing talent with us. 

Congratulations to Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs 
Rachel was chosen by our judges to be the winner of the at home sew along contest.
Rachel will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to

We could not, really could not believe all the awesome entries we had uploaded to the Flicker group for this week's sew along.  We loved watching all the projects coming in and decided early on that we would need to do a montage of all our favorite projects.  But then reality set in and soon we realized that our montage would literally be the entire flicker group.

Entries ranged from rompers to dresses to jackets to shirts---all of them excellent.  If you haven't checked them out you should.  They really are cool.  We are thrilled that so many of you have chosen to play along and hope that you will continue.  Which brings me to this... 

Today is the beginning of week 2 and so starts our 2nd challenge---sewing for boys.  That's right it's BOY'S WEEK!!!  The next 5 days will be dedicated entirely to creating clothing for all the little men in our lives.  And, the Flicker group is start up loading the photos of your boys projects...we will be watching anxiously. 

Whew!  Ok, I think that is everything. 
 (Man, these Monday mornings are busy.  I already need to go get a soda.)

***Just a quick reminder for all our sew along friends---remember that your designs need to be recent--- as in sewn since just before Christmas recent.  (It is a "sew along" after all.  Not a "what we sewed a long time ago":)   Alright, that really should be everything now.  Let's get sewing!

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  1. Congratulations Danielle and Susan! Both dresses were amazing!

  2. Woohoo !!! Thanks so much to the judges for choosing my jingle bell dress :O)
    (I plan to post my jingle bell dress tutorial on Wednesday on my little blog)
    I really look forward to shopping @ !!!

  3. Oh a BIG Congratulations to Danielle on her Win!!! as well as Rachel in her being chosen on the at home sew along winner.... And Susan you did an ADORABLE job on your dress.. I loved the work you did on the Panel as well as the Sweet Buttons.... Thank Project Run and Play for this wonderful opportunity... :)

  4. Congratulations! Both dresses are beautiful!


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