Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet the Designer: Chelise Patterson

Hi there, I'm Chelise. I am so so excited to be here! We are excited, that is. I must include my mini model, Drew, who has been my main inspiration to sew since the beginning. I started really sewing about four years ago after I had made Drew's baby quilt (easy) but wanted to make her something she could wear (really really intimidating). The dress turned out okay, but most importantly it boosted my confidence and opened up to my mind all sorts of possibilities. I was hooked. Many people have said to me that they wish they could sew and I always say, "You can!" You will probably have to pull out stitches and replace broken needles along the way, but if you want to sew then sew!

Fast forward from my broken needle days to today and I am designing and sewing children's clothes for my shop, Bitsy Bear. You can also find me at my blog, cp. I'm thrilled to be part of PR&P this season and just a little intimidated by the great talent (and popular bloggers!) in the competition. Like the photo above, game faces... on!

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  1. I've also been sewing about 4 years :) I looooooove the bathing suits in your shop Chelise!


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