Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Season 4 Designers!!!

This morning we are super excited to announce our season 4 designers!

 Let's start with who you chose from the auditions over the weekend.
And they are.....

Melissa from Melly Sews


Chelise from cp

Congratulations ladies!

Thank you again to everyone who entered.  (You made it very difficult on our judges this time.)  If it was feasible to do a battle royal with every entry we would would have totally done it...your work as always was awesome.  Seeing the different aesthetics and approaches to sewing are what make this so much fun. 

(Which is why we will be doing the at home sew along again...and pretty much forever.)

So....who else will be joining these ladies???

Only some of our favorite bloggers! 
(Honestly we've been so excited about them we've had a hard time keeping it a secret.)
So here they are:

Mandy from Sugar Bee

Jessica from A Little Gray

Jennifer from J Casa *handmade

Melissa from ISLY

Caroline from Sew Together

Kiki from Kiki Creates

In a few weeks we will let you get to know all of these ladies (as well as our judges) a little better.  Until then visit their blogs (if you haven't already).  You won't be disappointed.

Season 4 officially starts on Monday, April 9th.
But until then stay tuned for more fun posts, tutorials, announcements, and upcoming themes for the sew alongs! 

Have a great Monday everyone.

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  1. Congratulations Melissa and Chelise! Looking forward to seeing what you and all the other amazing designers create in Season 4. And, YAY for more home sew alongs!

  2. Can't wait for the season to begin, i read this blog like I watch Project Runway!

  3. Super excited! Couldn't sleep last night :)

  4. congrats to all the season 4 designers !
    I really look forward to season 4 starting :)

  5. So excited...(or just super nervous)..or BOTH!:)

  6. Congrats to all! I'm looking forward to the sew-along! ~Stephanie


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