Monday, April 9, 2012

Project Run and Play Season 4 Starts Today!

It's that time one of a new season of Project Run & Play!
(I love beginnings!...Endings, not so much but beginnings with all the excitement and the possibilities and the adventure ahead...sign me up for some of that everyday!)

So it's day one of week one and this week's challenge is our traditional pattern remix challenge.  And for this season the pattern to be remixed is Dana's Circle Skirt Pattern.
This is such a great tutorial and such a great skirt.
(And I highly doubt that I am the only one who's made a million of these.)

Our awesome line up of designers have been working hard behind the scenes to create their remixes which will be revealed on Friday.  (And these girls have got skills--I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.)  This season should be so fun to watch!

Now, in the mean time what do you do? 
How about join in with the sew along group and remix away---turn these skirts into dresses, long skirts, tops, whatever and then upload them to the Project Run and Play Flicker group (which can be found by clicking on the "Flicker" button over on the right hand sidebar) and your in the running for a gift card to  (Weekly winners are chosen by our 4 wonderful sew along judges who can be found on our left hand sidebar.)

Easy right?
As far as rules they are:
#1---You need to have made it. 
#2---You need to have made it recently as in no earlier than March 1st of 2012.  (This is a sew along after all not a sewn awhile ago:)
#3.  And for this week any eligible entry for the sew along pattern remix needs to be uploaded to the Flicker group by 8:00 am on this Friday, April 13.

That's all the news for the day. 
Let's get sewing and we'll hope to see you back tomorrow when a special guest from last season will be here sharing some of her talents with us!

*Oh we forgot!  One more thing....To make it easier for our judges please submit no more than 2 photos of your design to the flicker page.  (If you already submitted more than 2 photos, no worries, we still love you, don't stress.)  Thanks!

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  1. Just one picture, right? Sorry! I'm a sew-along rookie! :)

  2. I just entered and I am so excited!
    (I entered 3 pictures before I read this, sorry, lol!)

  3. Just posted for the first time ever, but I'm not sure my picture counts. Although three of our four Easter dresses were circle skirt adaptations, the only modeled dress is the matching dress I made for my daughter's American Girl doll. Don't think I'd stand much of a chance anyway--you folks are amazing!

  4. What time zone is that 8:00am cut off being determined by?


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