Friday, April 6, 2012

Themes for Season 4!

Are you all as excited for Season 4 as we are?  After reading all of the designers introductions, we are just giddy for next week to get here so we can all see what they have been up to in their sewing rooms.  We will all see their Pattern Remix outfits next Friday morning when voting will open up.  Then it's your turn to vote (until Sunday night) and ohhhh and ahhhh over all of the eye candy that will certainly be here.

We are also excited to see what you have been working on with The Sew Along!  The first challenge is a Pattern Remix of Dana's Circle Skirt Tutorial which we shared last Friday.  Your remix projects can be added to the flickr group any time before Friday, April 13th at 8 a.m. Judging will begin after that and our Sew Along winner will be announced along with our Designer winner on Monday, April 16th. is partnering with us again with gift certificates for each of the Sew Along winners--and who doesn't need some new fabric?  So, hopefully you have a great design that is starting to take shape!

And for our final bit of news....we are giving you the rest of the challenges today so that you can get your creative juices flowing and start working ahead....

Here they are, with the dates of when your pictures need to be entered into the flickr group.

Week 1-- Pattern Remix of Dana’s Circle Skirt Tutorial due April 13th

Week 2-- Sportswear Challenge (defined HERE ;) due April 20th

Week 3--  Earth Day Challenge (up-cycled, all natural fabrics, “green”) due Apr 27th

Week 4--  Color Challenge (pick a color and make an outfit based on that color) May 4th

Week 5--  “Let’s Go to the Movies” Challenge (outfit inspired from the movies!) May 11th

Week 6-- Signature Look due May 18th

Just for future planning, we will be taking the summer off from competitions (but not from other exciting projects and events that we will share soon) so hopefully you all will join us now before school ends and life gets a bit crazier!

And as always, thanks for coming around here everyday. It really means a lot to us and the designers to have so much positive support for sewing. It is such a great community to be a part of.....YAY for sewing!

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  1. oh those are going to be fun! now i better get sewing:)

  2. Those are some awesome challenges!!!! Soo soo excited!!!!!

  3. my head is spinning with ideas ~ really looking forward to the upcycle challenge because that one is totally up my alley !

  4. I am SO excited to see what the designers come up with this season!

    1. ME TOO! Fun getting to watch from the sidelines and enjoy the inspiration! Awesome challenges, I'm so jealous of film week!!

  5. Love love love the challenges!!! I was waiting for you gals to do a movie-themed challenge!!! Soooo excited...count me in on that one :)

  6. How do you join in the sew-along if you don't have a blog?

    1. Everyone, whether they have a blog or not, just uploads the photos of their looks to the Project Run and Play Flcker group and then they're in the sew along group. It's easy.

      (On the right hand side bar you can click on the "FLICKER" in cursvie script and it will take you to the right place!)

  7. Great challenges! I can't wait for color week and movie week in particular :)


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