Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oragami Fabric Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

Today we have Stephanie guest posting with us today, showing us how to make a fun accessory to add to any outfit!  Thanks Stephanie for joining us!
Thank you so much to Liz and Elizabeth for inviting me along today.

For my tutorial I thought I would show you how I made my Kanzanshi flowers from week 3 of season 5 - The white sheet challenge.

I learnt to make these earlier this year at a craft fair in Sydney, but anyone who knows me will tell you I do not follow instructions well I prefer concepts then I just do my own thing. So I'm sharing my version but you can check out Kimoyes for the original :D

With that out of the way lets make a large Kanzanshi Flower.

Here is your supply list:
*7 x 3" Fabric Squares
*Threaded Sewing needle
*Optional extra - button/gem, brooch/clip and a glue gun

Step 1
Take one square and fold it in half to make a triangle.

Step 2
Fold in half again to make a smaller triangle

Step 3
Fold in half again to make an even smaller triangle

Step 4
A bit trickier to explain
Take one side of your triangle and fold it back on itself

Step 5
now do the same thing on the other side
P.S. steps 1-5 are also for an awesome paper plane :D

Step 6
Trim the ends to make the edges match

Steps 7
Push the needle through the middle of all the layers as close to the base of the triangle as you can

Step 8
Repeat steps 1-7 for each square
Do try to get the needle in the same spot on each petal this will stop your flower from looking lopsided

Step 9
Pull the thread all the way through your petals

Sew around the top middle of your flower making sure you get all the folds

Step 11
Sew around the bottom middle of your flowers making sure you get all those folds, then tie it off.

Step 12
There are lots of options for this step
option 1 Glue a button to the middle of your flower

option 2 Glue a gem of some description to the middle of your flower

option 3 Hand sew the centre closed 

with this option make sure you get all your edges covered.

Step 14
Another one with options
option 1 Sew it on to your garment

option 2 Glue it onto your garment

option 3 Glue on a brooch/clip 

Now you can do fabric origami!
and make paper planes lol

Stephanie xx

want more Steph stuff check out my blog at Stephanie's Beautiful Creations

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  1. I love these flowers, and the idea of putting them on the flip flops! what a great way to dress up a pair of shoes for a special occasion!

  2. How pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so cute! Will definitely be making some!

  4. Off right now to make a hairband for my daughter's first birthday!

  5. I love how you did the different sizes. Still think this outfit is one of the most stunning from last season.


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