Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Applique Hearts on Kids Clothes

I am super excited to be here this week on Project Run & Play - I can't get enough of it!  I eagerly anticipate each season.  Everyone always does an amazing job and it's very inspiring.

This week is Valentine's and I want to show you how you can just add a few embellishments to an outfit to make it have a slight Valentine flair.  I like this because it can be for Valentine's Day, but is not overly themed so it can be worn year-round as well.
First, use your favorite legging pattern and cut the leg pieces out like normal (can you tell I made this during Dots and Stripes week??  I thought that was such a fun theme and had to try it).  Then before you sew the leg pieces together, attach heart patches to the knees.  I used tshirt scraps, so because it was jersey I didn't need to worry about frayed edges.

After the patches are attached you can sew the leggings together like normal.  I didn't have my niece there when I made them, so I guessed on the patch placement and got them a little lower than knees (so hard to tell where that falls on baby pants) but it's still cute!

I embellished the shirt in the same manner - cut out jersy hearts and layered and sewed them on a discarded onesie I found.  If you want to add an embroidered name, I suggest doing that before you sew it onto the onesie - it's easier to embroider that way.

That's it!  Go out and add a little Valentine Flair to your latest project.  Can't wait to see what the contestants will link up this week!
 Hope to see you over my blog, www.SugarBeeCrafts.com - it's awesome over there!

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  1. oh my goodness can she get any cuter?! love that it is black and white!

  2. such a cute little girl with some seriously adorable leggings going on!!!

  3. That is one cute baby Mandy! Love those knees.

  4. cute! so excited for you to be a judge. and that baby needs a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek!


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