Friday, March 22, 2013

Are you ready?

All right, so you've been able to get to know our All-Stars a bit more. 

You have the themes and timelines.....and now all you need to do is to


See you back here Monday when the first linky party will open.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  We seriously can't wait to for the fun to begin!

P.S.  Liz and I had quite the adventure with her car last night....and we both can't stop laughing about it this morning.  We really belong in a modern remake of "I Love Lucy."  I don't know how we always get ourselves into sticky situations.....

We've got the story going on over at on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I've got the first two themes ready to share!!! =D

  2. I would love to subscribe to your blog. With Google Reader going away soon, many are switching to Bloglovin' and we can't follow your blog there. Would you please set it up so that we can?

    1. I am following using Bloglovin' at the moment...I just imported my blos over from Reader. There were a few (can't remember if this was one of them) where I had to search for them and then add them because they didn't transfer over for whatever reason. But now I am following from there.

  3. I've got Week 1 finished, 2 designed and got an idea for 4 :)


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