Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Run and Play All Stars Begins Today!!!

It's finally here!!!!
We feel like we've been waiting for All Stars to start FOREVER!
For the past few days we've been reintroducing you to our designers from this season.
Aren't they wonderful?
Such an amazing group of women we have for you!
Now---as we said because this is an All Star round there will be a few changes to our regularly scheduled programing but we will explain as we go.
(Because, quite frankly we are just impatient and ready to get this party started.)
So quickly, here is a reminder about the themes for this season.
(Yes, it is only 4 weeks.)
Week 1: Inspired by Art---Choose an artist, art movement, or artwork and create a children's look inspired by your choice.
Week 2: The Riley Blake Chevron Week---Create a children's design where a chevron pattern is featured. (Our sponsors have some great chevrons HERE and HERE.)
Week 3: It's All in the Details---Choose a favorite detail to showcase in a children's wear design. (Such as piping, embroidery, pin tucks, etc.)
Week 4: Spring Formal Wear---Design a formal look for spring--perhaps and Easter outfit or something suitable for a spring wedding?
And as for the sew along...we will being hosting that linky party style again.  SO if you want to sew along and enter to win some great prizes link up your design each week to the linky party on Mondays.  It's that easy!
How fun!  We're so excited!  So let's get started.  Start linking up your designs inspired by art!

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  1. So excited for all stars! Can't wait to see the designers looks :)

  2. Can't wait to see what everyone has cookin'

  3. I am sure this is going to be a fun week! It was probably my favorite theme so far. ~Major Moma

  4. I had so much fun! Can't wait to see everyone's makes!

  5. I'm loving seeing and reading about what others have creating and keep refreshing this page for more! =D

  6. This is probably a silly question but what are the rules to project run and play? Does everything have to be from scratch? I'm new to this but I'd like to sew along and can't seem to find the rules anywhere. :)

  7. This is going to be great¡¡¡¡¡

  8. This might be silly question - but when do we get to see what the Allstars put together? - Lauren

    1. They usually post them on Friday. It's not a silly question either! :D

  9. Wish I would have been prepared ahead of time. I choose Starry Night as well and have a really cute design in mind... but not enough time to make it :0/

  10. such cute designs! I would like to sew along one week! Do you have to sew along every week to play? or can you do just one week if you want? I just found this blog and didn't have time to make something for this first weeks challenge :)

    Looks fun!


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