Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art Inspiration: Audrey Flack

"Art is a calling.  Artists are not discovered in schools.  Artists do not just paint for themselves, and they don't simply paint for an audience.  They paint because they have to.  There is something within the artist that has to be expressed....We share a common language and a common love of our masters, and although we often take issue with one another, we are all family."
---Audrey Flack
One of my favorite artists is Audrey Flack.  She is a photo realist painter and a sculptor.  Her work is flawless, symbolic, and simply amazing.  But even more than her artwork (which I ardently admire) I enjoy her writing.  Her insights and attitude are so refreshing and timely.  And it is a few of her thoughts that I'd like to share with all of you today.
Originally I had planned a post on the similarities between artists and sewists (which are many...and fairly obvious) then I planned out a long post about the creative process.  Next I pulled artworks that would make great springboards for children's clothing inspiration.  Needless to say I had a lot of ideas floating around in my head.  Many of you know that I am a total and complete art nerd but when I sat down tonight I thought that the best thing I could do was share a few things from someone who I feel has a very clear, direct, and positive perspective both as an artist and as a woman.
As you read what she has written I think it's not too far off to consider yourself as an artist and your medium as fabric...after all you are creating, designing with color, and literally working with canvas :)  I hope you will enjoy her line of thinking as much as I do.
"There is nothing anyone can do to take your originality away from you."
 "The length of time it takes to make a work does not necessarily make it good.  Conversely, the spontaneous and rapid production of a work does not make it good."
"If you want to get rich, don't bother being an artist."
"It can be terrifying to confront a blank canvass---is it the fear of destroying it?....It becomes a courageous act to make a mark on that canvas..." 
(Does this make anyone else think of making that first cut into that one piece of fabric that you've been holding onto and saving for just the right project?)
"Paint where you are.  Be where you are.  Don't deny your environment.  To do will set up conflict in your work and reduce it's power."
"I believe in the energy of art, and through the use of that energy, the artists ability to transform his or her life and , by example, the lives of others.  I believe that through our art....we can mend and heal the planet."
As time goes by we've come to see how so many of you really are artists in your own right.  The way you maneuver fabric, combine color and patterns, and the portions of yourself that you pour into your work really is inspiring.  How lucky we feel that you share all of that with us.
The art inspired theme for this week is possibly my favorite theme ever here on Project Run and Play.  It seems so natural to join artwork and fashion.  I have LOVED seeing what has already been entered into the Linky Party and eagerly watch for others to join.
Here's to a wonderfully creative week!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I can't believe those are paintings!!
    This is my favorite challenge, yet, as well.
    Art is grand.