Monday, March 18, 2013

Q&A---Jessica from Happy Together

Today we get to introduce Jessica from over at Happy Together
We first crossed paths with Jessica during season 2 of Project Run and Play.  (Where she was nothing but gracious and made the most EXCELLENT clothing.)  We are so happy to have her back here with us again.  (And I'm sure you all are to!)
How did you learn to sew?
I self taught myself to sew in college. When my oldest daughter was born, that really got me into sewing because I wanted to make her things.
What does your sewing space look like?
A mess! lol I actually have been doing pretty good keeping it clean. We are a military family and move a lot, so the house we are currently in has this teeny tiny "laundry" room that my husband and I share with our extracurricular things. It has actually helped me become more organized and more thoughtful on what I purchase because I only have a little space. I have one long desk where my two sewing machines hang out and a cabinet to stash my stuff in. Simple, but a blessing to have that small space.
What are you favorite fabrics to work with?
While I love all kinds of fabrics, I really truly love sewing with quilting cottons. I just love the variety of prints that you can find for them.
How do you fit sewing into your family life?
I try to do most of my sewing when my little ones are asleep. Sometimes that means not a lot gets done, but I can't really bring the sewing machine out into the living room without my littlest trying to mess with it.
Who do you sew for?
I mostly sew for my family. It's a way that I show my love to them.

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