Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Skirting the Issue: A Pillowcase Tutorial by The Cottage Home

This week for Skirting the Issue we are spotlighting pillowcases! 
(To read about why we added pillowcases this year you can read this post:  A Pillowcase Tutorial and A Story that I've Never Told.)
And today we are sending you over to Lindsay's blog for one of our favorite pillow case tutorials in all of blogland:
***Here is where a Photograph should be inserted but right now my computer is hating photographs....hopefully there will be a photo of her pillowcases up soon.  Until then just head over and check them out.  They are beautiful!***
PS---Check out the Skirting the Issue Flickr group...new items keep popping up and we are so so excited every time we see something new added!

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  1. Love this tutorial! I've used it at least twelve times. :)


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