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Skirting the Issue: Places to Donate List

Today we are talking about where to donate your items for Skirting the Issue
Since we added more projects this year we've had emails asking where these items can be donated.  So below is a list of our projects and ideas for charities that are in need of the items.
This year we really wanted everyone to be able to sew something that was meaningful to them and be able to donate it to a charity that they had a tender place in their heart for.
(My tender place, as you all know, is for making skirts for girls in foster me it's the best project ever...but I am also planning on making at least 1 of each of the items on our list this year.)
The other idea that we wanted to share this year is that to help others in need we don't need to look far...there are opportunities right here in our own communities.  We don't need to go somewhere far away or do something extravagant! 
We can help heal one another starting at home at our sewing machines...making just one simple item for someone else with love.
(It sounds so cheesy and lame but its true so I'm owning what I just said up there---you and I can make a difference.   I believe it.  I really do.)
So here's the list...and it's a "working list".
By which I mean I'm planning on adding to it.  So let us know where you plan on donating your items (or even if you are just aware of an organization in need of any of them) and we will add those organizations to the list!

*Local foster care closets

*Local hospitals---especially the pediatric centers within the hospitals

*Local Children's hospitals (at many children's hospitals patients are given their own pillowcase to use and take with them when they leave)

*The people at American Patchwork & Quilting have started a challenge---a challenge to have one million pillowcases made and donated to charity---and they are half way there!!!!  They don't care where your pillowcases are donated to as long as they go to a charity.  And on their site they have complied an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING list of places that accept pillowcase donations.  So please click on over there and check it out.  Here is the link:  All People Sew


Project Linus

Project Night Night

Quilts of Valor

Dolls/Match Box Car Mats/Crayon Totes

Family Support and Treatment Center

Bereavement Gowns
*Local hospitals
And...if you'd rather not track down any of those options you can always mail your items to us and we will get them to the charities that need them most!  (You can find our mailing address on the Skirting the Issue Fact Sheet.)
Like I said the list is a work in progress but hopefully we will add a lot to it.
Now really quickly before I sign off for the day here is the answer to 2 commonly asked questions:
#1.  When do I have to have my items done and the photos into the Flickr group?
Not until 11:59 PM (MST) on August 18th
#2.  Do my items have to be made with your tutorials?
NO!!!!  Make them with whatever pattern or tutorial you'd like...and at any time you don't even need to make them during the week that we spotlight the particular item!  Just choose what interests you and make it the way you see fit. 

Other Ideas for Donation Locations
There are many places through out the United States that will accept some or even all of the items listed above.  However, as needs vary from state to state (and even within states) you should check with your local chapter of these agencies before dropping off your items to make sure they are accepted and needed.
*United Way
*Community Action
*Food and Care Coalition
*Women's Shelters
*Family Support and Treatment Centers
*Head Start
*Kids on the Move
*Boys and Girls Clubs of America
*Transitional Housing
*Ronald McDonald Houses
*St. Jude's
*Holy Cross Ministries
*The Road Home House
And as always, if you would like to mail us your items we will add them to ours and drop them off at the appropriate locations!  (You can find our mailing address here:  Skirting the Issue Fact Sheet.)

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  1. Local women's shelters will also likely appreciate any/all of the items mentioned. We had a project and gave dresses and pillowcases (for women and children) and they were really delighted at our local site. Our local place helped women getting set in their apartments after so even things like special hot pads or other creative home decorations might be good.k.


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