Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meet the Designers: Sumo from Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Hi! I'm Sumo, from Sumo's Sweet Stuff

My real name is Summer, but my husband nicknamed me Sumo when we were dating and it stuck. I am thrilled to be participating in Project Run & Play this season! I'm married to a wonderful guy, and we have three beautiful little girls that are 4 (almost 5!), 3 and a half, and 21 months. They are everything girly, and love dresses and ruffles! 

Growing up, I never ever wanted to learn how to sew. But once I was pregnant with my second little girl, I got my first sewing machine and have been hooked ever since. I'm completely self taught, and have been so grateful for the online sewing community! There is something so completely satisfying about creating something from scratch that you know no one else will have. Combine that with my girls being so excited that I am making things for them, and I'm in heaven. 

A few other random facts about me:

- I'm a self confessed fabric addict; I'd shop for fabric over shoes any day of the week!
- Chips and salsa, popcorn, licorice, and Diet Coke are my vices.
- I love reality dance shows and crime shows; I've probably seen most episodes of Law & Order.
- I grew up in Oregon, but now live in Utah. 
- I'm the oldest of five kids.
- I have played piano since I was 5, and now teach lessons. 
- Musicals are my favorite. 
- I'm a total book worm.
- I taught first grade for 6 years before becoming a stay at home mommy. 

I'm so excited and honored to be among these amazing ladies, and can't wait to get started!

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  1. Can't wait for this competition to start and see what you'll bring to it.

  2. wish there was a like button. You sound like a lovely person. Good luck!

  3. Sumo!! I didn't know you taught 1st grade at one time....couldn't be a better grade to teach :).... Excited to see your girly goodness pop up in PR&P this season!


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