Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet the Designers: Autumn from It's Always Autumn

It's Always Autumn blog  
Hi everyone! I'm Autumn, from It's Always Autumn. I never quite know what to say when I'm asked to introduce myself - anyone else find that slightly stressful? - but here goes: I love dark chocolate ice cream, thrift store shopping, Masterpiece Theater, big libraries, London, photography, great fonts, baking bread when it's cold out and playing at the park with my kids when it's warm out. And sewing. Except when I mess up. Then I kind of hate it, at least until the seam ripping and re-sewing is done. Other things I hate (just in case you were dying to know): doing laundry, calling repair people, going to the dentist, folding laundry, cooked carrots, not being able to sleep as long as I want, snow in April, and putting away laundry. My husband (who is a college professor) and I regularly argue about which one of us is funnier (it's me, obviously). We're about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, and we have 5 kids ranging from 3 to 13. (Yep, that makes seven people in our house, which might explain my problem with laundry.) The four older kids are boys and the youngest is a girl, and I swear to you I love them all equally. I just sew for my daughter a lot more than I sew for the boys, so she gets a bit more blog time. My blog is mostly tutorials: sewing, crafts, recipes, and photography tips, with a few rants and ramblings thrown in for good measure. I majored in Creative Writing in college, and I'm still trying to decide if blogging counts as "doing something with my degree."

 I'm thrilled to be participating in Project Run and Play, but I'll admit I'm a little concerned that I can't fall asleep at night because I'm too busy considering welt pockets and how one shortens a separating zipper. I'm pretty sure that's not normal. Plus I really like my sleep, which you already know. That plus the fact that I use parentheses way too often (which you may have noticed) pretty much sums things up, I'd say. I'm so excited for Season 9 of PRP to get started - I've loved following along with all the past seasons - and I cannot wait to see what the other participants are sewing up. I'll see you guys again soon!

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  1. I've been taking pictures for my blog with my Ipad!! I hated the quality and have saved up enough money to buy a Nikon. I've been reading your posts about taking photographs and can't wait to start trying them out myself. I'll have my new camera by the 3rd PRP challenge. Hopefully, I can do a good job at making the details in my designs come alive. I will be looking forward to seeing how you photograph your sewing creations.

  2. I didn't realize how similar we are autumn! We celebrated 15 years in October, and my five go from 2-13. Except for the whole 4 boys 1 girl/4 girls 1 boy thing. ;) lol!

  3. So nice to learn a little more about you, and yes - yes - yes.....introductory posts are soooo hard! You did fabulous.....and you are ABSOLUTELY using that major of creative writing {hands down} while you blog. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  4. Nice to meet you... am checking your blog right now.

  5. Well it's good to see we're both using our degrees then. Mine is computer science and blogging on a computer totally counts, right? ;)

    I'm so happy to have met you Autumn and can't wait to see your looks. It's all very exciting!


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