Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flashback May: The White Sheet Challenge with Christina from Two Little Hooligans

Hi, I am Christina from 2 little hooligans and I am so excited to be back here at Project Run and Play today. Project Run and Play honestly changed me as a sew-er. Prior to competing in PR&P I had only sewn a few articles of clothing which mostly consisted of basic peasant style dresses. I still remember when I was asked to compete, I was completely terrified...and then I got sewing. I quickly learned how to make a dress with a bodice and I haven't stopped sewing clothes for my kids ever since. So thank you so much Liz and Elizabeth for asking me to compete in season 5. It pushed me to limits I never thought I could reach!
For Flashback May I decided to recreate The White Sheet Challenge. Here are my last White Sheet Challenge Outfits. Last time I kept my sheet white so this time I decided to dye it. I let my little girl decide what color she wanted and of course she chose her favorite color, blue.
IMG_6436 copy
IMG_6423 copy
I had planned on recreating this dress because she has outgrown it and it was one her favorites. However she really wanted another romper. I recently made her the Marina Romper by Cali Faye and she just loves it! And apparently she really wanted another one. What I learned quickly about making clothing for my kids is that if they do not like it, they will not wear it. And for me, it is a waist of time and money if they will not wear it.
I love that my kids wear and are proud of their "momma made it" clothes and I want to keep it that way. So if I have to create clothes per their request sometimes, then that is what I will do. Plus I cannot help but love this pattern as well. It is such a classic looking romper that goes together so fast!
IMG_6446 copy
So unfortunately there were no new or inventive designs made here, instead I made one little girl pretty happy.
IMG_6429 copyIMG_6431 copyLiz and Elizabeth thanks for having me for Flashback May! It was a lot of fun being here again!

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  1. I love rompers, and I'd love to make this one for my granddaughter, along with that adorable sun visor you made, too! I can also see this over a T shirt and heavier fabric for central Florida winters!

  2. Christina, that is such a cute outfit. I can see your little girl is happy with it. We are heading into winter here in Australia so I won't make one for my granddaughters just yet :-)

  3. What a fun outfit!! I LOVE that color....a perfect blue....

  4. WHAT A FAB AQUA ROMPER sewn for your little girl! DARLING photo shoot . . . and matching guitar! You dyed a white bed sheet for this FLASHBACK MAY challenge, Christina. Love the look, comfy & paractical. Smiles mean your daughter LOVES to wear this outfit! BRAVO. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  5. In my books making one girl very happy is the best reward for spending time and resources sewing :) She looks so cool and happy with her little guitar! Loved reading how competing made you fall in love with sewing more and pushed you to get more adventurous :)

  6. This is seriously SO cute Christina. Those photos are aaaamazing!


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