Monday, January 18, 2016

And the Designers for Season 11 of PRP are......

Today we are so excited to announce the contestants for Project Run and Play Season 11 and they are...

RaeAnna Goss from Sewing Mama Rae Anna

Natasha Early from Glitter + Wit

Annika Ferk from The Naeh Connection

Melissa Uribe from Sew Like My Mom

Ren Murphy from The Inspired Wren

Courtney Davis from Sweeter than Cupcakes

Such a great group and we are so looking forward to getting to know each of them better over the next few weeks!

Also today we need to announce the winner of our 5 yard bundle of fabric giveaway!
And the winner is Nikkee who said:

"I'm really interested in the cosplay challenge for this cycle, can't wait to see the rules and results! I like all the challenges that make you think outside the box"

(Nikkee, I think I found an email for you....if you don't hear from us today though please email us so we can get your shipping address!  Our email is:  simplesimonandco (at) gmail (dot) com )

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  1. Ooh I cannot wait! Some amazing talent here!!

  2. Oh wow!! Good luck, friends!! Those tough themes would have already sunk us....looking forward to seeing each of your creations.

  3. Amazing group! I'm so excited for a full season of PR&P!!

  4. That's a fabulous lineup! Can't wait to see what every one comes up with!

    Also, yay! Thanks! My email is Nickkoleh (at) gmail (dot) com

    Haven't heard from you yet today, I did email from my email but don't know if it went through.

  5. What a great lineup! I'm sitting out this season (baby won't let me sew yet!) but I can't wait to see what these ladies come up with!

  6. this is so great, what an amazing line up!!


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