Friday, January 20, 2017

Elizabeth's Sewing Spaces

Hello there, it's Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Company!  I am excited to be over here showing you my sewing spaces and how I go about organizing everything. Although don't let these pictures fool you...there are normally fabric scraps and pattern pieces all over. But, every once in awhile it is clean and sparkly--which makes me so happy!

I have sewn in many different spaces in many different homes--kitchen tables, a desk in the family room, a small corner of our master bedroom and I firmly believe that there are many spaces that can work! But luckily enough, I now have two spaces to call my very own for sewing and quilting.

First of all, we'll go into my sewing room.  This room isn't huge but it is perfect for what I need it for and I feel so lucky to have a dedicated room. The door walking into the room is to the right of this picture. So one side is for me for sewing and the opposite side is a little creative nook for the kids.  The room is divided in the middle by this cutting table that I love.

In my sewing space I have a pegboard where I hang all my quilting rulers.  Keeping them organized like this makes it easy to see which one to grab at a glance.

This isn't exactly an organization tip, but the gold polka dot decals on my wall are so inspiring!  My good friend helped me put them up on the wall. We used a level and a ruler and lots of laughing later they were up!

Here is a close up of those scrap bins on the corner of my sewing table above.  (These bins are similar.)

A favorite spot in my sewing room is a little space I created for my kids to come and get creative while I'm creating.  The table is an old kitchen table that I re-covered with some Four Corners Fabric and some plastic vinyl so I don’t have to worry about markers or glue…it just wipes clean.  I love the creative supplies that are out all the time. It’s a good thing to have a space for all of us to still be together.  Read all the details about my sewing room here.

And now come with me, this way.... into my Quilting room!

The room itself is a basement room that is long and narrow… is the view from the doorway.

These shelves are my absolute favorite because they hold so much and yet you can see everything. The bottom bins are all filled with vintage patterns and trims and the rest hold fabric and supplies.

The very top rows hold a lot of my vintage sewing books and simple little treasures that I love to look at. Like this Vogue Sewing Book, and the Vogue sewing Book of Fitting, Adjustments and Alterations.

And here is the quilting machine side…..with the frame and long-arm quilter. Since the room was originally a basement bedroom space, there is a big closet just to the right of this picture which is nice for storage as well.
And that is it! Thank you for coming on this little tour. Be sure to link up your sewing space here, and you can still enter the Sew Sweetness Giveaway!
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