Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Free Children's Sewing Record Sheet Printable

We've got some super, duper giveaways planned for you this month.  We love giveaways, and we know you do too.  The only difficult thing about a giveaway is that only 1 person can win the prize.  So we've planned a few things we're giving away this month that EVERYONE CAN WIN!!!  Today we've got a FREE children's sewing record sheet printable for all of you.  

If you're like me, this is THE solution to forgetting what changes you made while creating and sewing.  And it helps to keep track as you go/sew.  Just click on the image below (it's in PDF form) to grab your free children's sewing record sheet.

There is space for a mood board type inspiration before you begin.  You can keep track of everything from fabric to patterns to adjustments you make as you go.  There's a place to make a handy To Do list.  

Here's an example of how Michelle is using the record sheet to plan her next project.  She can also keep notes of changes as she goes.

Here's an example of a completed project by Audrey.  She made some notes on what she wants to do differently next time.  

We hope this helps you organize your upcoming sewing projects (as it does ours)!  We can't wait to see how you use it.

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  1. what is the pattern for the bonnet?

  2. Madi, it's the Evergreen Bonnet by Twig & Tale. (#sloppyhandwriting) http://www.twigandtale.com/products/atlas-bonnet-with-bonus-wild-things-animal-elements


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