Friday, January 6, 2017

Michelle's Sewing Space

Hey Project Run and Play readers! Michelle, one of the Virtual Assistants, here, and today I get to share where I sew, with you...AND what keeps me organized (affiliate links ahead).

My space is actually part of our livingroom, which also houses our piano, computer, TV, and couches. Truly, where most of the "living" takes place. I set up in one corner, and everyone knows that this space is mine all mine. The nice part about it is I still get to be a part of where the action is, while working on what I need to. This is also the reason I need to be super organized. It is ALWAYS on display.

My husband and I built the longer desk, specially with my needs in mind. We added a shelf on the front to hold trays of notions, and a yard stick tacked above, for quick measuring.

Those mesh metal baskets fit perfectly on the shelf, and hold everything I need to have close by.

You can find those here.

That fabric basket in the left corner, holds any fabric scraps I may get from whatever project I am working on. It gets emptied once a week. I love the neutral color that blends in with the wall. You almost don't see it over there.

Like this one.

I honestly don't know what I would do without my red apple pin cushion and my scissor bowl (it actually used to be a planter!). I use them all the time! They both stay right next to my machine, so I can grab or put back a quick pin or scissor.

Baskets and bowls/ pots are so very handy, and they help keep my space neat and clean. I use them to hold thread, paint brushes, pens, scissors, tape, markers, pencils, staplers, paint, scraps of yarn, stamps, and glue! I even have this one under my desk, holding all the juice pouches I use to make these.

That embroidery hoop on the wall actually holds my marking pens. To make it, I separated the rings. Then took a piece of fabric, and placed it on the hoop. I took a second piece (the polka dotted one), and folded it in half so that the folded edge was lying in the middle. Then I closed the second ring on top, and trimmed the excess! That second folded piece of fabric creates a pocket, so I could I slip them in. Plus, it functions as art. Bonus!

That's it! I hope you enjoyed coming on a tour of my small, but efficient sewing space.
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  1. Thank you for the great ideas. I like the way you have included artwork that is not sewing related. I have saved this to my Sewing Spaces Pinterest board:

    1. Thank you Ana! My kids did those. I love being surrounded by their art work:)


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