Monday, August 21, 2017

Mini Project Run and Play: Meet the Week 2 Designers

Wasn't week 1 quick and fun?! Today we start week 2 by meeting the designers who are sewing off!
This time we paired Sarah from The Crazy Tailor and Karly of Paisley Roots.
Again, we asked each of them to come up with questions for the other person so we could get to know them a little better.
Here's what they had to say:

Karly: 1- What was your favorite theme during your season of PR&P? 
Sarah:  I really enjoyed the Put Me in the Zoo week, more so than I thought I would! I did an outfit for my little boy and that stretched me! Sewing for girls seems easier for me, but sewing for boys is so much fun too!  

Karly: 2- What has been your favorite project you've made (Does not have to be sewing related)?
Sarah: Possibly my dollhouse makeover? You can find it on the blog. I really love making tiny things - doll clothes, and apparently doll house stuff!  

Karly: 3- What's next? 
Sarah: I've moved out of my comfort zone a bit and opened an Etsy shop...but not for sewing, lol! Last year I rediscovered my love of painting and I'm amazed at how things have been going since I set up shop! My sewing has definitely slowed down, but I'm grateful for the sewing community that still lets me participate in fun things like PR&P!


Sarah: 1. What was the most challenging part of Project Run & Play?
Karly: My hardest part was when events happened, like my mother kidnapping a child right before being able to take pictures in an outfit I made, and I had to start all over a few days before my post was due. This happened during the 3rd and 4th week and those two weeks were absolute chaos. I don't think any housework was done at all during that time. LOL 

Sarah: 2. Do you find sewing for older children more difficult? Or more interesting!?
Karly: I think it's definitely just as fun and interesting sewing for my older children as it is my younger ones. My kids have been pretty vocal in my sewing and I've loved seeing their growth and personalities shine through with prints and patterns they choose. I hope it never changes. 

Sarah: 3. What prompted you to begin blogging?
Karly: Project Run & Play! My very first blog post was a submission to be part of Season 6. I just kind of kept going after that! 

Thank you ladies! Come back tomorrow to see the looks they each created with Art Gallery Fabrics!

Ready to link up your looks Inspired by Art Gallery Fabrics?  Click here.

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