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Mini Project Run & Play Week 3: Art Gallery Fabric KNIT

For the third week of Mini Project Run & Play, we challenged our designers, Ari and Hayley, to use Art Gallery Fabrics knit fabric.  This week's plot twist is that we had them use only ONE yard of Fietsen Intense and TWO yards of their choice of Art Gallery Fabric.  Here are their creations:

Ari of Max California: Ko Ko Bop

project run & play mini • KO KO BOP with art gallery fabrics by max california • www.max-california.com

Hey everyone! It's ari from max california and I am super stoked to be BACK for the mini! Hayley & I were given this deliciously soft knit from Art Gallery Fabrics (Fietsen Intense by Katarina Roccella) and while blue and bicycles is not really something I could easily work with, i'm pretty sure I got there in the end! I LOVE challenges, and I love how this all turned out (so do the kids, win!). I made two looks for vinnie and eddie using the fietsen intense bicycle print fabric and my secondary fabric choice which was this super pretty paparounes crimson, the denim was from my stash!

project run & play mini • KO KO BOP with art gallery fabrics by max california • www.max-california.com

Vincent's outfit is a damn dream on him, I mean LOOK. He loves it too, which is always such a good thing when sewing for the kids! His coveralls are self-drafted, basically a button up shirt mashed with some pants/jeans. They're made out of denim with a tonne of fun details! I lined it with the poppy fabric so he can wear it done up or the top pushed down (also he threw a hoodie on after this shoot and they looked like some rad jeans! The knees feature motorcycle-style knee pads, with one of them being a ~~secret pocket! There's also ~~~secret pockets in the sideseams of the coveralls, I used little invisible zippers to make them hidden. I have way too much fun with pockets you guys! The knee patches are a bunch of pin tucks, which was sort of fun but time consuming and involved me drawing a lot of lines on the denim with my broken grading ruler. I really love the way they look though, so does vin! His shirt is made out of the bicycle fabric (fietsen intense knit!) and I used the beachy boatneck top from blank slate patterns. this has always been one of my favourite patterns, and it's becoming more and more one i reach for to sew for vin because of that amazing neckline and how well it flatters his gorgeous lil chest! I know I've said it a few times now but this fabric is SO CRAZY SOFT, like butter, it's beautiful.

project run & play mini • KO KO BOP with art gallery fabrics by max california • www.max-california.com

Eddie's dress is the groove dress by Made-It Patterns. The child loves her dress too, she loves all her groove dresses but this one is fantastic because... yeh... IT'S SO SOFT! I lined the lower back half of the dress with the poppy print for a dash of extra fun there and I really love how it turned out!  I made a simple kimono to go over the top, which at first (when I was telling her the designs) she was so not into at all. However once I started sewing it up and got her to try it on she started to fall for it hard! AWESOME. And, as you can see, she loves how it accessorises her groove dress so perfectly. I love the boxy shape on her.

If you love my look, don't forget to please vote for me c: you can also see more pics and more adventures over on my blog: max california!

Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House: Dollies and Me Make Three

Hello Project Run and Play readers! Long time, no see! I am Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House and I was a competitor over here many years ago (seems like forever ago?!). When they asked me to join in on this fun head-to-head competition, I said "Of course!", without really thinking much into it. Of course, I want to try my hand at this again! Well, nothing like having months of preparation and leaving things until the last minute, but it wouldn't be Project Run and Play without that, right? I received my mystery fabric in the mail and I have to admit, I was a bit confused as to how I was going to incorporate this knit bicycle fabric into a PRP style outfit. So, I did what anyone else would do... I asked my 7 year old daughter Ainsley to decide! After all, the outfit was for her. Introducing, outfits for Dollies and Me. Ainsley decided she really wanted an outfit to match her American Girl doll Kit and Wellie Wisher Camille. (FREE patterns to come, check on Welcome to the Mouse House in a few weeks for those). We decided to use the Art Gallery yard dyed lightweight denim as a coordinate for the Sydney Romper and Pinafore Dress (pattern by me). The long sleeved tee is a modified Janie Dress .


 As Ainsley has gotten older, I have let go of the reigns when it comes to the clothing I make for her. I love to see her express her wants and desires, especially since she is the one that will be wearing it all day. She now gets to pick out her fabrics and patterns (for the most part... let's be real... 7 year olds still need some guidance on color matching). Ainsley made the doll dresses using the free patterns I will share in a few weeks, so they aren't 100% perfect, but that is what makes them so special. I helped with minor things like snaps and serging the hem, but other than that, they are all her creation and she is super proud. Each doll has a tshirt with the bicycle knit using the free pattern I found over at Liberty Jane. The only modification I made was making long sleeves. It was a great use for those knit scraps!


 The knit bicycle fabric is super soft and will be perfect with a pair of leggings and a denim jacket for days that she doesn't want to wear a dress. We had some leftover knit fabric, so I asked her what she wanted with it, and she decided we should make a fun, whimsical hair wrap, so that is what we did. I will have a free pattern/tutorial for that soon. It was super easy and with the addition of batting, it gives it a nice poofy finish that she calls "ears".


 Well, it was great to be back. Thanks so much for having me again, Project Run and Play! Oh, and pop on over to my blog to see some sneak peeks of her amazing new playhouse!

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  1. you ladies are both amazing - love the use of the knit and how different your outfits are! <3 <3 <3

  2. yours is so beautiful! I love it ������ I love that she sewed the dresses too!

    PRP with the kids vs kids in about ten years?

  3. hahah Ari!
    Thanks Suzanne! Very different styles, which is what makes it so cool!


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