Friday, September 8, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play Sew Along Winner

Our 6 designers have cast their votes, and we have a winner for the "Inspired by Art Gallery Fabrics" Sew Along.  We were so delighted at each entry, and the judges had a hard time choosing!

Before we reveal the winner, we want to thank all our sponsors.  First of all, Art Gallery Fabrics donated ALL the fabric our 6 designers used in their creations!  And they are giving the winner of the sew along 6 yards of Art Gallery Fabric of their choice.  We're so thankful to have amazing sponsors like that.

And then we want to thank Raspberry Creek Fabrics, Peekaboo Pattern Shop, and CaliFabrics who awarded our 6 designers with very generous gift certificates!

Finally, we want to draw your attention to our sidebar advertisers, who support all the behind the scenes workings of Project Run & Play.  This month our special sponsors were:

Please help us thank each and every one of these sponsors by supporting them with your business!  Also, they all love followers on social media.

Alright, without further ado, we announce the sew along winner:

Mami de Sofiona with her All About Art Gallery Fabrics look!  

Please leave us comments below with your thoughts about the 1st season of Mini Project Run & Play.  We're looking forward to reading all your thoughts.

And stay tuned because the Season 14 of Project Run & Play is already in the works...

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  1. It's clear why this is the winner! Absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Great job, Mami de Sofiona. That is a gorgeous dress! I thought the mini season was really fun, and I loved being inspired by the creations from both the contestants and those who were sewing along. It is always such a long wait between seasons, and I thought it was nice to have a mini competition to make the wait a little easier. :)

    1. Thank you! And I agree about the mini competition and the month long themes to keep us busy between seasons!


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