Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meet the Designer: Michelle from Handmade Martini

Hello! My name's Michelle, and I'm thrilled to be competing in this season of Project Run and Play! I've been following along since Season 1 - back when just about everybody's website ended in and PDF patterns were a relatively new phenomenon. I sewed along with a few seasons and always felt so energized by the themes and challenge of designing my own looks and seeing everyone else's creations!

My sewing journey started at the feet of my great-grandmother, who quilted and taught me how to thread a needle. My mom also sews, and she showed me how to use a sewing machine so my BFF and I could have matching drop-waist t-shirt dresses in the '80s. They were about as cool as they sound. I followed up in high school with a rayon dress that fell apart after the first wash, and kept going despite finishing project after project that didn't go quite right. (Like my placemat-turned-purse stage. Oy.)

Once the kids were born and I discovered independent pattern designers and blogs, my dining room table (a.k.a. sewing space) never looked the same.

Here are some non-related sewing facts: My husband, Ryan, and I've been together since freshman year of college - 20 years. (I actually had to stop after I typed that and recalculate because really. It can't be right. But it's right. 20 years.) We've got two boys (Lee, 10 & Daniel, 8) and one girl (Eliza, 6) whom I homeschool. I LOVE homeschooling, and sometimes the kids do, too. I'm a marathoner and fulfilled a lifelong dream of running The Boston Marathon last April. My dream of living in Scotland during the 1700s and recreating Outlander hasn't been as easy to achieve. (My other passion  is reading, and Diana Gabaldon is a favorite author.)

Thank you all for following along this season! I'm SO STINKING excited about the looks swimming around in my head! My goal is to create pieces that are unique, practical, and that Eliza loves wearing. Please stick around and come say hi at Handmade Martini (still .blogspot - ha) or Instagram!

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