Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Meet The Designer: Cassy from Pear Berry Lane

Hello! I'm Cassy from Pear Berry Lane.  I felt so honored to be asked to join this awesome season of Project Run and Play. Audrey has some great ideas planned for the future of Project Run and Play and I can't wait to see them all come together.  

I'm happily married to my husband Eric, and we have three lovely little ladies (ages 5,5 and 9) that I love to sew for.  We live in southern Indiana,USA where we get a good mix of city and country living.  If I'm a new face to you, I began sewing pretty regularly after our twins were born.  Like many of my friends, I learned to sew through diving into PDF patterns.  After a while of tackling projects, I began to test for a wide range of independent designers.  I still do some testing, but not nearly as much as I had a one point.  

Not a ton has changed in my blogging life since I was last sewing for this contest, but my personal life has had a few new adventures. This last year has been exciting as I began a new job in August and we adopted an adorable puppy named Quinn in October.  Quinn has definitely stolen some of my time that is usually committed to my machine, so I haven't been as active on social media and my blog as I was last year.  Now that she is finally house broken-ish, I'm hoping to get to sit down at the machine a little more.
My favorite thing about participating in Project Run and Play is how much I challenge myself to think beyond my skill set.  Already, as I've been planning for this season I've learned so much.  Challenging yourself to tackle new things is the most rewarding part of this adventure.  I hope you'll sew along with us and challenge yourself too!

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  1. Yes! I've been pushing myself for this season. Just about to tackle some techniques I've never tried before. I can't wait to see your creations!


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