Friday, March 2, 2018

Meet The Designer: Raphaelle of Deux Souriceaux

Hi! I'm Raphaƫlle, remember me? I was a contestant last season (here's my past intro). I secretly hoped I would get a second chance someday but I would never have expected it to be this soon! I'm sorry I don't have that much of an update though. My serger broke when a window fell on it so my sewing has been close to non existent. I've been knitting, spinning, and doing lots of yoga instead. And dreaming up all the projects. I'm unbelievably grateful to be doing this again. The new themes are so exciting, aren't they? I may have squealed a little when they came out... (Thank you to the advisors who thought them up!) Figuring out what to do with them is the best kind of creative challenge. How do I do the theme justice while keeping everything actually wearable? My brain is buzzing with ideas, refusing to settle down on any one thing. I hope I can do my ideas justice and that you will enjoy my creations! You can find me on my blog at Deux Souriceaux (that's two baby mice in French). It's where I post my creations and my attempts to improve my photography. I'm also on Instagram, posting often belated snapshots of my life, mostly the kids...

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  1. Yay!! So glad you get this again! And, yes, the themes are amazing. We had fun with that and there's a nice list for future seasons too. A window. Just fell on the serger. Random! LOL

    1. Yep! I was cold and my husband noticed the window was open. The top part of it. He closed it but it wasn't well closed and it fell (there's a hinge that allows the top window pane to turn flat toward the inside, for washing the exterior, I guess?). I was going to try to have it repaired but it was as expensive as just buying a new one. Still, I procrastinated until the last minute before ordering a new serger and I'm just lucky it came in before I needed it!


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