Friday, June 1, 2018

Meet the Designer: Lisa from Mabey She Made It

Hi! I’m Lisa Mabey, the creator behind the blog Mabey She Made It. Once people know me and that I sew, I always get asked if I made what my kids (or I) am wearing or if whatever new thing in my house is something I created. Often, the answer is yes. 

 Creating is a huge part of who I am and an important part of expressing myself when I would otherwise get lost in motherhood. My four kiddos are (almost) 8 and under, and they keep me very busy. I’m lucky to be a SAHM and wife to a pretty awesome (and amazingly talented) husband. They fill my days, and when my very introverted self needs quiet, I retreat to my space and create something that fills my bucket back up. 

 In addition to sewing, I love to watercolor (although I never do it enough), read classic literature, learn new things, and I’ve been working on some design skills as we’ve been renovating our new home where we hope to stay for awhile. After 10 moves in 10 years for my husband’s work, we’re hoping this one sticks. 

 I’d say my sewing style is mostly clean, simple lines with impractical or unexpected twists. Hopefully you’ll get a sense of that throughout the competition. I am so excited to finally be part of Project Run & Play, as I’ve been following it from its beginnings and watched so many amazing creations come from the designers. 

 You can find me (and many more projects) on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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