Friday, August 24, 2018

Meet the Designer: Kelly of Handmade Boy

Hello! I'm Kelly and I blog over at Handmade Boy.  My sewing journey began almost 20 years ago when I decided I needed to make some new pillows and curtains for our home. After that, the sewing machine was pulled out once a year for Halloween costumes. And that was pretty much it, until my youngest was born. He was a cloth diaper babe, and after discovering handmade cloth diapers, I had to try my hand at them myself. Then, of course, I had to make him cute clothes to match his new diapers. And well, the rest is history! I do the majority of my sewing for my now 8 year old son, but also enjoy that my two teen daughters and 20 year old son still request handmade clothes also. A large part of my own wardrobe is also handmade. (My poor husband! He's all left out!) 
Lately, my blog has taken a back seat to my roll as assistant over at Love Notions Patterns. You can find me on the blog sharing tutorials and pattern hacks, and in the Facebook group answering questions. This past January, I began my position as assistant designer and took on the task of designing the Love Notions Boy's Pattern line. I absolutely LOVE designing boys clothes. I tend to use my son's style as inspiration and lean towards designing patterns with older boys in mind. I would say my style definitely falls into athletic wear, with some rocker thrown in at times. I like clean lines and details. To me, piping is to boys with ruffles are to girls!
When I'm not sewing, I enjoy reading and hiking with my family. We also can host a pretty competitive family game night. And this summer, I decided to finally start learning to play guitar. Hey, three cords counts as learning, right?
I am crazy excited to be a part of this season's Project Run & Play. I have loved following along over the years and reading over the blogs posts and staring at the pictures in awe of the designers creativity and can't believe I get to opportunity to be a part of it. 
You can follow me at my blog Handmade Boy, and on Pinterest and Instagram and find my designs and more over at Love Notions Patterns. (love notions patterns)

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  1. My husband is left out too!!😂 I love reading about my favorite designers from Love Notions!!😍


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