Friday, September 7, 2018

Willy Wonka RESULTS!!!

Wasn't that fun to enter the world of Willy Wonka?  Weren't the 6 looks fabulous???  Once again, these designers proved why we all love Project Run & Play.  

Our week 1 winner is:

Willy Wonka Academy by Shannon of CKC Patterns. 

Here's what Miranda of Live Free Creative Co, our celebrity guest judge, had to say about her look:

First of all, I applaud the huge array of pieces you created for this challenge! By sheer volume, you outdid yourself! Second, I would wear pretty much everything you made in my own size. I love your design eye and style perspective. The pieces were all classic, as you mentioned. I love all of the bows, the variety of fabrics, and the overall color scheme. I also apprecaite your design perspective and how every one of these pieces stands on it's own AND is cohesive in the collection. The fits and techniques are solid. Cheers on an amazing week.

Now the not so fun part...sadly, only 5 designers get to advance to next week.  And by a very close margin, we're saying goodbye to:

The Golden Ticket & the Fun Dip by Melissa of Rebel and Malice.  Plan on seeing more of Melissa's work around here in the future, she's part of the Project Run & Play family now!

Thankfully, our sponsors are helping to make this easier by rewarding her with:

PreSeason $50 shopping spree from CaliFabrics.

A $25 gift certificate from Simply By Ti.

2 patterns of her choice from Winter Wear Designs.

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