Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Meet the Designer: Carin from Art Bella Creates


 Hi there, My name is Carin and I live in Princeton, IL with my hubby and 2 kids where I am stay-at-home mom as well as wearing many other hats.  We moved here a year ago via a few states and 3 continents.  Interesting fact about me is that I am more African than American.  I was born in South Africa and for generations my family has become very rooted there.   I love that I can be both a South African and American at the same time.  My roots and change over years has grown me into the creative person I am today and I am very privileged to be part of this Project Run and Play season.  I have been sewing along since 2014 some years more than others but always loving it. 

 My love of Sewing? The phrase “I got it from my Mama” rings very true here.  I grew up in my Mom’s sewing room.  She is a self-taught amazing seamstress that went from sewing for herself, us and many other people into teaching sewing classes out of her garage.  I have a B.Sc in Home Economics and even though the art of sewing,designing etc. was a huge part of it, my love and skill comes from my wonderful Mom.  

Most of my sewing in my early years was just sewing for myself using patterns from fabric shops. In College I mostly did sewing for myself and some formal dresses for some of my dorm mates. Then “adulting “ happened and fast forward 10 years and some, I started sewing again, just a little in the beginning and when my youngest daughter turned 1, it turned into my full on passion and therapy. There is something so beautiful about creating. If I am not sewing, I am probably thinking of what I am going to sew next. 

 Project Run and Play sewalongs played a big role in me getting back to sewing and designing. I loved the idea of “themed” sewing to build on my own skill as well is building my daughters wardrobe. 

 My style includes lots and lots of color, I love technique and always try to improve on my own.  I love old-fashioned sewing with a modern twist.  I view every item I sew as a piece of Art - from the moment I put it together in my head, to picking out fabrics, sewing and pressing the very last hem. 

When designing I either use my own block I made with my daughter's measurements via the Aldridge method but mostly I use patterns from indie pattern designers that I love and who I know encourages flipping their pattern.  I hope to use as many of my favorite Indie pattern designers as possible during this season with my own spin.  I am very excited about sharing my craft with you and seeing everyone else create.  You can follow my makes on FB here and my blog here on IG at carinberg I hope you sew along.........

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