Friday, November 16, 2018

Celebrations Around the World - Results!

Today, we all get to celebrate!!!  

This Season has been the closest in scoring in recent memory, and this week is no exception!  In fact, this week 2 of the designers tied for 1st place and the other 2 tied for 2nd place with the EXACT same number of votes.  After asking the Panel of Advisors for help, we've decided to let all 4 designers proceed to the Signature Style Week!  Woohoo - what a celebration!!!

In the spirit of celebrating, we're going to share what our guest judge, Cindy of Riley Blake Designs said about ALL of their was so sweet!

Art Bella Creates - Rainbow Nation - the details...sleeve zipper pocket, hand embroidered belt, zebra-lined jacket...she stuck with the celebratory theme (Freedom Day), while paying attention to detail. You can tell a lot of thought went into both ensembles.  The hand-made belt was a nice highlight.

The Crafting Fiend - Knights & Dragons -- She stayed true to the theme (celebrating St. George's Day.) The dragon teeth detail on pockets and sweatshirt was creative and very outside the box. The way she altered the jacket to look like armor, but in a way a little girl would love - very clever. The feminine dress underneath the armor jacket was a pleasant surprise and fun twist. 

Made by Toya - Birthday dress-up-  Beautiful dresses that are so on trend (love the gold metallic fabric.)  All very wearable items.  Everyone in our office loved the wings.

Girl Like The Sea - Record Store Day - She created difficult pieces, but made them look effortless. This alone is impressive. The screen print detail makes her projects one-of-a-kind. The workmanship is obviously flawless. She made outfits that stay true to the theme, fit with her family style, are one-of-a-kind, and can be worn everyday.  Not an easy feat. 

We're so excited to see each of these designers Signature Style creations!  I sure can't wait to see what they come up with, can you?

We'll see you next week for a super HUGE giveaway, Black Friday sale, and a special SURPRISE!

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