Thursday, October 25, 2018

Meet the Designer: Crystal from Confetti Unicorn Design Studio


Hello! This is Crystal from Confetti Unicorn Design Studio. Although my blog is new, you MAY recognize me (if you don't, that's cool.  I'm not Beyonce.)  I used to blog with my pals over at That's What She Crafted, but recently stepped out on my own for a fun little adventure. I'm like Bilbo Baggins, y'all.  This is so exciting!!!  I've been sewing along with Project Run and Play for about 5 years and I'm stoked to be a contestant.  It's gonna be a crazy ride, I'm sure, but I'm holding on tight and letting my hair flap in the wind.   A little about me: I love coffee, glitter, pastels, unicorns, sarcasm, giggles, and geek culture.  I'm basically 12.
More about me: I started sewing in my, like yesterday, right? :::WINK:::WINK::: My interest in sewing started when I was little.  My mom sewed our Halloween costumes every year right up until I moved out at 17.  One year, she made me and 2 of my sisters lovely Geisha costumes out of FIBERGLASS curtains...itchy ALL OVER.  But you don't complain, or you don't get to beg strangers for candy, so we toughed it out.  I have always had a deep love for all things Halloween, so I took notice of her craft and put it on my "I want to learn how to do this someday" list.  Once I had my daughter, it was time to start sewing costumes for her the way my mom did for me (without the bodily itch.)  I have such great memories of it and wanted my kids to have the same.  Mom came over, she taught me the basics and the obsession began.
I joined a sewing moms group on Baby Center and that's where I really started to sew ALL THE THINGS.  I always sewed with paper patterns (and still do!), but that group introduced me to PDF patterns and Project Run & Play (which subsequently made my wallet lighter.)  I met my best friend in that group and learned a lot about myself through the community.  I've grown in skill and hopefully as a person through sewing.    I took this past year off to chill and reflect- I can be a bit extra (I'm still trying to convince you that I'm in my 20's by using that word,) and needed to learn how to reel that in.  Basically, the anxiety monster took over and steamrolled the fun parts of what I do.  The break was nice and needed, but now I'm back with renewed passion, enjoyment, and a much better appreciation of others' work and community.  It feels good to be creating again.  And I feel so lucky to jump back in with something as fun and challenging as Project Run & Play.
As far as my "Style", I guess you could say I'm theatrical by nature, but practical by necessity. Everything gets worn...just with a bit more flare.  I hope to get to show you what I mean until the very end of the season.  The competition is fierce, though, so I'll take it look by look.  I am super excited to see everyone's work.  We're all makers here, and and as long as we're all making, we're all artists!  And thank goodness, because the Earth without art is just "Eh."
Also, I'm 35.  I shouldn't start our relationship on a lie. :::SIGH:::
You can follow me through this journey (or anytime) here:

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  1. can't wait to see how your projects come out!! so exciting!!

  2. I'm so excited that you're on!!!! This will be such a fun season!

  3. <3 <3 <3 <3 I'm stoked to follow you this year. You are an amazing and super creative seamstress. <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Oh my gosh I really want to see you UNLEASHED 😂😂 I cant wait to see your stuff!! Community is so good for the heart


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