Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Season 19 Themes

And of our favorite posts: the themes for Season 19!!!

Week 1: 

Patriotic Parade
What makes your location special?  Food, landmarks, flora and fauna, geography and more!  You’re going to proudly exhibit those things in every aspect of your creation this week.  

Week 2:

Surf and Sand
Every child loves this environment!  This week you’re going to capture the sounds of the waves, the feeling of sand between your toes, the taste of the salty spray in your Surf and Sand look.

Week 3: 

Botanical Beauty
The botanical trend has swept the runways and the fashion world, and for very good reason!  Dig down to your roots, grow at the pace of foliage, cultivate old skills, plant new ideas, all to show us your green thumb for this week’s sewing achievement. 

Week 4:
Signature Style
Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste, and best showcases your skill set.

Alright, get busy planning!  If you'd like to use the Project Run & Play weekly planning sheet to sew along just click on it below, and it's yours!

Here are three more FREE Project Run & Play printables to help you out:
Free Children's Sewing Project Record Sheet Printable

Leave a comment, which of these themes are you most excited to sew?

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