Friday, February 1, 2019

Season 19 Sponsors from the Land Down Under!

This Season, not only are our designers located Australia, but many of our sponsors are located in Australia and New Zealand too!  Today we get to introduce you to some of the amazingly generous sponsors for Season 19 from the land down under!

To learn more about some of the other prizes and sponsors, please head over to our Prizes page.

This Season we've added even more prizes for our designers!

All 6 of our designers have received a pre-Season $50 shopping spree from Wicked Fabrics!  Competing in Project Run & Play can be a huge endeavor, and this offsets some of that expense!  Wicked Fabrics has some of the most gorgeous fabrics you can imagine.  I can't WAIT to see what the designers create with fabrics from Wicked Fabrics.

Twig + Tale is located in New Zealand and is rewarding the top 3 designers very handsomely!  Personally, I love the amazing patterns from Twig + Tale and dress my kids in these patterns as often as I can!!

The Wolf and the Tree has some of the most adorable and the most practical patterns.  Socks anyone?  They offer patterns for that (for the whole family!) and many more patterns!

I know you've seen the fun labels from Kylie and the Machine.  Every kid needs the ones that say "This is the back" don't you agree?

Megan Nielsen has beautiful patterns for women and children too!

Sew for Life offers lots and lots of sewing classes, patterns and haberdashery too.  From beginners (and kids!) to adults, there something for everyone here!

The Material Girl has hands down the cutest fabrics for preorder!   I'm having a hard time deciding between the giraffe and the ice cream prints...

We're always so amazed by our sponsors.  They are very, very generous and supportive of Project Run & Play.  We're sure that some of the reason for the huge sponsor support is due to your continued patronage of them!  Please help us once again thank this season's sponsors by following them on social media and patronizing their shops whenever you can!

Project Run & Play is a rewarding endeavor for all who sew, both designers and sew along participants.  It's so rewarding to be sewing as a group on the same theme and to share and see what others have made.  Often the results of what you create are worth it in and of themselves!  But we like to make Project Run & Play even more rewarding by coming up with fantastic prizes for the designers and rewarding those who sew along too.  This part would NOT be possible without our sponsors.  

Please help give a HUGE thank you to all of the companies that are sponsoring this season of PR&P.  We REALLY appreciate you.....{and it's certain the winners will too!}  

So, if you have fabric, crafting, notions or Etsy needs....please click on the sponsors and on the sidebar to visit and support them.  It would mean a lot.  

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