Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Delia for Project Farmer's Market

Today we're shining the spotlight on the Caraway Cardigan and it's designer, Delia of Delia Creates.

Hi! I'm Delia, a maker and mom of three from Washington state, USA.  I love to crochet, craft, and garden, but I really fell head over heels for sewing for my kids when I participated in Project Run & Play season five.  During my season on Project Run & Play I tried to save my fabric budget by upcycling old sweaters.  The little baby sized cardigans I made from those discarded sweaters ended up being some of my most favorite items.  The Caraway Cardigan is big kid sized nod to those original cardigans and a celebration of the super power of sewing that allows you to turn nothing into a beloved treasure. 

True to the spirt of Project Run and Play, this capsule pattern collaboration has pushed my abilities above and beyond what I had envisioned.  We really gleaned from one another's strengths and worked hard to produce something that I believe will be a great asset to every kid pattern collection. 

I love the collection so much I sewed the entire thing for my daughter Nat!  Needless to say, she's in heaven over having a new Spring wardrobe.

To complement the theme of our collection and to honor my favorite farmer's market treat, I created a free pattern for this cute little strawberry coin purse.  It's just the right size to carry some change for a trip to the market!  Get the free pattern download and tips on how to sew with pleather on my site. 

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