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Season 20 Week 2 - Monochrome Mania

This week's prompt is Monochrome Mania.  The designers were asked to limit their palette to just one color!  Which one would you choose?  Now scroll down to treat yourself to their gorgeous looks!!!  And be sure to go all the way to the end of the post where you can support them with your vote.

Ma Me Mi Mo - Denim is the new Black

Wow!  It’s week 2 of Project Run & Play, can you believe it?  When I was invited to participate in the competition my greatest fear was not being able to make it to the second week…. All the ladies in season 20 are so talented, it is going to be hard work to reach the final.  It was really difficult for me to find inspiration when I heard about the topic proposed for the first week but when I read this week’s topic immediately blue popped into my brain.  Blue is my favorite color and I use it in all its shades: from blue/green aqua to dark blue.  Then I saw the new spring-summer fabric collection from Katia, that includes some extraordinary denim fabrics and I thought it would be fun to play a little bit with them.  They all share the same background color and have different print designs in white which allow me to freely mix and match.

I have created three complete outfits for my three kids.  For my daughter I drafted a classic styled and clean dress using the book “Building Block Dress” from Liesl Gibson.  It is an A-line dress with short sleeves, boat neckline, in-seam pockets, a skirt panel gathered to the bodice and a back keyhole opening.  I used a self fabric covered button and a thread chain buttonhole and it has also a mini chest pocket (with her brother’s shirt fabric).

For my son I sewed an outfit that includes shirt and trousers.  I used the Oliver + S Sunny Day Shorts free pattern and added two back “chameleon” pockets.  Can you find them?  The trousers seem to be rolled up but the hem is permanent and has the seam allowances hidden in the inside and are not exposed.  I love it because you can see the inside of the fabric that has an extraordinary texture.  I used an Ottobre Design magazine pattern for his shirt.  I have changed the design a little bit to create a high-low hem with a side vent at the hem.  The main feature is that I sewed it with the wrong side of the fabric on the outside.  That is a little joke with my son that every single day wears a garment backward or with the fabric’s wrong side out.  He doesn’t pretend to draw attention.  He just doesn’t care about the clothes at all and just wants to cover his body.  He and his sister are so different!  When I first explained it to him he thought it was a really funny idea, his sister instead had a brain short circuit and she is still trying to understand the crazy idea that mummy had.  All the buttons I used are self fabric covered buttons, too.

For my sweet toddler, I have designed an overall from a basic bloomer.  It has a mini chest patch pocket, too, that I sewed using her sister’s dress fabric.  I moved the side seams to the front to create a central pattern piece with the bib.  We did the photo shoot indoors, at our dinning room.  I though it would be a less stressful one and could use the white wall with no interference on my chromatic range.

If you would like to see more pics head over to my blog HERE.

Iris May Patterns - Little white angels


  A 'color' that always fits, belongs in different styles and can be combined with all other colors is white.  When I think of white clothing, several magical and angelic scenarios spontaneously pass my mind.  The color itself inspired me to work out two outfits with a high 'angel' content.  I therefore opted for ultrasoft, cotton fabrics, in particular double gauze.  To completely transform my girls into little angels, I put an accent in both designs that refers to angel wings.

For the first outfit, I used my Robindress as basis.  I added wide ruffles that I positioned so that they came to hang over the shoulders.  In this way I created the romantic wings.  I made the skirt wider so that the dress got extra swirl and as a icing on the cake I added a ribbon.  The look on my toddler's face was priceless when I showed her this dress.

The second outfit consists of two parts: a jumpsuit and a blouse.  I used my Tintin pattern as the basis for the jumpsuit.  I raised the waist and created a jumpsuit by adding a square top with ribbons.  To make the angel wings come back, I added ruffles to the ribbons.  These ribbons cross on my daughter's back and are attached to the jumpsuit with a button inside the pants.  I used a slightly stiffer double gauze for the blouse.  The dragonflies on the beige-colored fabric are also a reference to the fairy-like atmosphere.  I drew the blouse as a new pattern.  The wide 3/4 sleeves were frowned at the ends with an elastic.  Because it was my girls' birthday yesterday, I made a little extra.  I completed the outfits with two handmade crowns for which I used the free pattern of Smospotten and Snoesjes.  The girls were very enthusiastic with their birthday outfits, hopefully you like them as well!  If you want to see more pictures and details, Click HERE to go to my blog!


Sofilantjes - I choose LOVE

If I only got to choose one color I'd always choose red.  Why, you ask me.  Well red is a color that stands for a lot of things.  Red stands for life, power, passion, energy and most of all LOVE.  Red is fierce.  Red is warm.  Red is romantic.  Red is strong.  Red actually does not need much.  The color is strong enough to make the most simple item pop.  If I can only use red, I want to sew something that screams LOVE.  What better way to scream love than to dress up the Rainbow baby?  This tiny person is our big bundle of love.  She is our victory of life.  To have her we had to fight, cry, fight and cry even more, but she is here.  She is energy, she is strong and so full of love.


For Miss Rainbow I drafted a dress.  I wanted something over the top cute.  Something sweet. Something that would fit on an 'I love you' card.  So I drafted a lined bodice and added straps.  I like to play around with little fun details so I braided the straps until the top of the shoulder and then left them unbraided at the back.  The bodice is lined so I added a waistband with just one layer of fabric to hold the skirt (less layers at the waist.)  The skirt is made out of 9 layers of fabric.  I drafted 3 circles in different lengths and cut them all seamless.  Every circle skirt length is made with one layer of the main fabric and two layers of soft tulle.  The tulle does not do much for the volume of the skirt but it gives this sweet extra touch I was looking for.  To keep the length I left the tulle unhemmed. The main fabric is hemmed using a rolled hem, cutting of a bit of fabric and making the tulle layers just a tad visible.


I drafted a cover for that cute diaper bum, so when she shows, you will not notice right away.  To top everything off I made a headband out of a glitterband.  I made a fabric flower out of the main fabric and the tulle and have sewn it to the band.  I can’t believe I never made one before!  It’s so cute.  In all I used three shades of red.  Two in the main fabric and one for the lining and tulle.  This week we did not have the best weather so pictures had to be taken indoors.  Luckily Miss Rainbow loved her new bite toy (she is teething) and the rose petals are yummy too ;-)


Thank you for stopping by!  Don't forget to vote for your favorite.  If you'd like to see more pictures, come to my blog.  Fabric: Zebra Print Red Jersey from Ilja Fabrics.  Uni dark red Jersey and Tulle. The elephant toy is also handmade but not by me (link will be on my blog).

Suco by Susana - Blue ocean and blue sky

Blue.  Without a doubt, if I had to choose just one colour to dress my kids in, it would be blue.  Our fashion style in Portugal, generally speaking of course, is more on the classical side, understated, discreet, soft solid colours or some thin stripes, and blue is always there.  Over the years I've come to use more prints, colours and combinations when I sew for my kids but, from dark to pale blue, this is probably the colour that first calls out to me in clothes.
I like to think that it's probably the influence of our blue skies all year round and the ocean that is so close by.  I guess I live surrounded by blue.  We, the Portuguese call our own country "our little corner planted by the seaside," so that must be why.  I love how I can make an entire outfit with different shades of blue and it works beautifully.  So that is what I made for this week's theme for my kids, and then we went for a walk by the ocean in Cascais.

For my daughter I made a dress that she can wear from now until probably October, in a medium blue double gauze with small white dots.  She can wear it with kneesocks and blue shoes for a more formal look, or with sandals or sneakers to play and go to school.
For this dress I used my Maria Blouse pattern with some modifications: I lengthened the bottom to make it a dress length, I moved the button placket to the back, omitted the collar, and finished the neckline and the armholes with self-made bias binding.  I love pretty details on the inside of garments, it's like a surprise that only the person who wears it will see.  So I made the bias binding in a contrasting fabric, a white linen with blue and pink flowers, for a sneak peek of colour.  I also made two scrunchies, one in the same fabric as my son's shorts.

For my son I made shorts and a short sleeved button-up shirt.  The shorts are made in a deep blue chambrai that is lightweight and soft, perfect for the warm weather, and they have a slightly dressed up / preppy feel that is so typically Portuguese.  I used my Super Tough Jeans pattern as a base, because I wanted to have the back yoke, and then I made slanted hip pockets, cuffs on the legs and button tabs on the side seams.  On one of the back pockets I topstitched my son's initial, an "L" for Luís.  It's in dark blue so it adds a personal touch without being too contrasting.  The front closes with a zipper and button, and the back center seam and the yoke seams are flat felled for resistance and a clean inside.
For the shirt I used the Classic Oxford Button-Up pattern from Peek-a-Boo.  I made it in a crinkled cotton blend woven in pale blue with contrasting details in a small starfish print evoking the ocean.  I made elbow length sleeves to be rolled up to short sleeve length and secured with button tabs, and two breast pockets.  I used the starfish print in the inside back yoke, the inside collar stand, the sleeve's button tabs, the front button placket, and a detail on one of the pockets.  I cut the outside back yoke across the grain so that the crinkles would run horizontally.  I flat felled the side seams and sleeve seams just like you find in men's button-up shirts.  I had never done this and I love how it looks so clean and professional on the inside of the shirt.  Come take a look on my blog, Suco by Susana, for more photos and details.

Käferlgschäft - Monochrome Mania

This week was a really hard one.  Less time for sewing, bad rainy weather and nearly no light for my pictures.  And - I have to admit - this week´s theme left me a bit confused.  Monochrome mania - I really couldn’t choose one color.  So I asked M about his most favourite color.  He just answered „green“.  He’s not one to talk much.  But I thought, yeah, this kid is so right.  It’s springtime in Germany, everything is green on the outside even if it’s rainy.  We have lots of green furniture in our house, like our big cord sofa, and yes, even our tiny house is green.  So - green is the answer for everything.
M has a big brother.  He looked up to him ever since he was born.  He thinks his big brother is faster, braver and - of course - cooler than him.  So he often asks for cool clothes, like hoodies, baggy pants, fancy glasses and baseball caps.  For me it was clear, that cool clothes in his favorite color would make M really happy. 

For the hoodie, I chose a basic one from „Klimperklein“ and added an astronaut hood.  I changed the cap form slightly into a stocking cap - as you know, I am crazy about stocking caps.  The front side of the hoodie is made of several pieces, which reminded me a bit of a puzzle when I sewed it together.  I added a big kangoroo pocket with three eyelets for a unique look.  I also wanted to add a message on the front side as the environmental awareness is a big theme nowadays.  Of course it matches with the chosen color and I completed the look with a „think green“.  I like using the plott foil very much, because it has a watercolor appearance.  Did you also see the sleeves of the hoodie? I divided it in the middle to get a strip.  I think it looks very sporty because of the strip.

The trousers are made of green corduroy.  I used the pattern „luckees“ of Nipnaps and changed the front and back pockets into bigger ones to get a more baggy look.  Furthermore I shifted the crotch lower.  I added a fake fly to the trousers with a covered seam and fake studs. 
For the hat, I chose „Michelmütze“ from Limello.  I left the top out, so it looks like a visor cap now.

I tried something new for the accessories. It’s a hip bag, you can find lots of free sewing patterns for this.  I chose one of the „Initiative Handarbeit“ and adjusted it to kid size.  I added a longer webbing and a plug buckle.  The front and side of the bag are made out of light green leather, for the back I used the dark green cord from the trousers again.  On top I sewed 3 pearls on a leather string.

You see the amount of three many times in my sewing creations.  I have three boys, so three is a magical number to me.  Winning the last theme made me so proud.  Thank you all for your support and your kind words. 

I hope you like this cool outfit as much as M and I do. 
You can have a look on more photos on my fb site. www.facebook.de/kaeferlgschaeft or on instagram www.instagram.com/kaeferlgschaeft .

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