Friday, February 14, 2020

Digital Design Tutorial: Cricut Maker, Bright Pad, EasyPress and Iron-on Vinyl

It's Day 5 of our Digital Design tutorials.  This one is very high tech and uses lots of tools and machines!

Today Audrey from Skirt Fixation is sharing a tutorial on how to use a Cricut Maker, Bright Pad and Easy Press with sport flex iron on vinyl to create fun themed pajamas!

This tutorial does use all the machines!  But if you have one of these machines, perhaps you would appreciate the tutorial on how to use them with the digital designs.  And I'm using the Vitamin Zzz and I Woke Up Like This digital designs for this tutorial.  Plus I'm sewing 2 Aurora Raglan patterns into pajama shirts.

Begin by uploading your design into Cricut Design Space™, Silhouette Studio, or other program designed to connect to a cutting machine. (Cricut Design Space™  shown)  If you have the option of keeping the digital design private and not sharing it with others to use, that is the proper way to treat the digital designs in the Project Run & Play shop.  Thank you!

Next you will have the option to resize the design.  If you are making a project for a baby, you will obviously want your design smaller than if you're making something sized for a teenager, right?

When you are getting ready to cut the design, you will want to find the option to "mirror" your image when it's text.  This is so that it ends up the right way on your project!  (Ask me how I know...)

In Cricut Design Space™ you can choose your material.  (Someone fill me in, can you do this in Silhouette Studio and other programs?)  This is because the Cricut cutting machines have different pressures at which they cut depending on the material used.

Now onto the cutting!!  Above you can see the Cricut Maker has just finished cutting the Vitamin Zzz digital design on Sport Flex Iron On.  This is the material you want to use on fabrics with stretch, like the pajama shirts I'm making.

Next, grab your Cricut BrightPad or other light box and use it to make your weeding easy!  Weeding is the term used to describe taking away all the unneeded vinyl.  Some designs (like Vitamin Zzz) are pretty easy to weed, but some are quite complex, and that's when a light box comes in handy.

Before you attach the vinyl to your project, it's helpful to check out the Cricut Heat Guide.  It's a helpful resource where you can choose your machine, heat transfer material, base material, as well as a towel or EasyPress mat as the surface on which you're pressing.  It gives you an exact temperature and time to press as well as whether to peel off the backing warm or cold.  (It matters for the longevity of the vinyl on the finished project!)

Okay, almost there!  Use a Cricut EasyPress (or any heat press or iron) and attach the digital design to the project!

Then all you have to do is finish sewing the project!  Have fun and happy sewing!  Head over to Skirt Fixation for lots more photos of these girls in their new pajamas.

Have you checked out ALL the pajama themed digital designs?

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