Saturday, February 15, 2020

Digital Design Tutorial: Freezer Paper Stencil

It's Day 6 of our digital design tutorials.  Today's tutorial shows how to use freezer paper stencils to incorporate digital designs into any of your projects.

In this tutorial Bonnie shares how to use freezer paper, fabric paint and a sponge brush to create this fun boy shirt.

In this tutorial Kojo Designs shares how to use freezer paper, fabric paint, a paint brush and steel wool to create a distressed stencil shirt.

In this tutorial Sew Much Ado shares how to use a cutting machine, fabric paint, freezer paper, and a sponge to create this FUN Project Run & Play shirt.

Any of these tutorial can be used with the pajama themed digital designs in the shop (or any digital designs in the shop!!!) to create fun pajama themed projects.

Have you checked out ALL the pajama themed digital designs?

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