Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Meet the Designer: Tiffany of Tip Stitched

Hi, I’m Tiffany of TipStitched and I love to sew! I fell in love with sewing after first trying my hand at it back in 2014. I’m self-taught through YouTube and trial-and-error. My general approach to sewing is just jump right in!

As much as I wish that I could sew all day, I do work full time in engineering. In addition to my day job I’m a wife and stepmom of two soccer playing kids (Miss Socialite and Mr. Cool) and doggie mom to an aging yorkie. So yeah I stay pretty busy! We live in Atlanta, GA so there is always something going on. If I’m not at work or sewing or at one of the kids soccer games, I’m probably at a festival, concert or hanging with friends.

I try to share and record all my makes on my blog TipStitched and on social media (I’m TipStitched on IG, FB and Pinterest). If you care to learn a little more about me I hope you visit me on one of those!

I’m typically a pretty selfish sewist, but if I am sewing something that’s not for me it’s likely for my daughter. Initially she just thought it was cool I could make things for her, but now as she is getting older she has specific requests (that often come with sketches). So it seems I’ve created a monster. LOL

I’m excited about shift my focus to children/tween clothing for her and trying to capture her vision on this season’s themes. 

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