Saturday, June 6, 2020

Genevieve sews Project Watercolor Beach

Today Saskia's assistant Genevieve gets to share with you some of the garments she sewed from the Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection!

What I love about the Watercolor Beach Collection is how well these patterns complement each other! You can use them all to create such a great capsule wardrobe. That is why I had so much fun when I made seven of these patterns using five matching fabrics I received from Cali Fabrics - one of the fabric sponsors of this edition of Project Run & Play.

I made the Viridian Swimsuit with a cute pink polka dot swim fabric. 

As a cover-up to over the swimsuit, I made a Golden Dress with a lovely pink linen fabric. 

I complemented this summer capsule wardrobe with a pair of Abby's Marigold Pants in a beautiful floral Double Brushed Polyester. 

Then I sewed a Bodhi Board Skirt with the same pink linen fabric. 

Both bottoms paired really well with a colorblocked Lemon Tee

and a beautiful Coral Wrap Top.

The patterns work so well together and the looks can carry you through the whole year - creating a gorgeous summer wardrobe of breezy light garments to wear in the sunshine, and to face the fall winds, utilizing the longer style options included in several of the patterns! The layering possibilities are also wonderful. The Watercolor Beach Collection in itself was a fun sew, kid approved and aside from being functional, also serves to create stunning results. 

I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do!

There's only one designer left to share her creations!  And the lookbook releases MONDAY!!!  See you there...

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