Friday, July 24, 2020

Soliel Skirt to Twirly Dress Tutorial {Summer Hack-stravaganza}

Today Jenny from Made of Starlite is back with a step by step tutorial on turning the Soleil Skirt into a DRESS!  Take it away Jenny...

Want to hack the Soleil Skirt into this super twirly dress?? It is actually SO simple!! Let's break it down.

To decide on a size, I used matched her chest measurement to the waist measurement on the size chart. Because the back is elastic, You have a little wiggle room.

Next I decided on skirt length. For this, I measured from where I thought the waistband would hit her armpit, to where I wanted the skirt to end. It ended up being about 22 inches. I wanted a tiered skirt for more volume, so I divided that in two, and added 1/2" seam allowance. I used the width of the Soleil skirt pattern pieces, and cut two for the top tier (per the instructions,) and 4 for the bottom tier.

For the straps, I had her hold the waistband piece under her armpits where I thought it would sit, and measured over her shoulder. I should have given it an extra inch, because it ended up a little high. Wearable, but it would have been better to attach the strap to the back of the waistband at the very end so we could check length. Lesson learned! I also wanted a ruffle, so I pulled an angel sleeve pattern piece from another pattern in my stash. You could also just cut a straight ruffle for the strap, or leave it plain! So after cutting the waistband, these are the pieces for the dress.

First step was to prepare the wasitband and straps. I prepared the waistband per the pattern instructions. For the straps, I gathered the angel sleeve piece, sandwiched it between my strap pieces, and then sewed the straps together.

Next I prepared the skirt. The top tier was exactly the same as the instructions! For the bottom tier, I sewed all 4 panels together by their short sides, then gathered and attached them to the bottom of the first tier. I prefer to hem (and add cute trim!) at the very end, so I can check length.

I then attached the straps to the front waistband. Remember to wait until the end to attach the straps to the back! Mine are on the outside of the waistband, but yours will be tucked inside. It may not be as clean of a finish inside, but it will save you from having too short straps.

Now add the skirt per the instructions. And you did it! Super simple skirt turned dress. 😁😁 Check out Made of Starlite for the rest of the pattern hacks. And don't forget to enter the giveaway on Instagram to win two free patterns from the PRP shop, so you can create your own Soleil dress!!!

Thank you so much to the AMAZING Jenny!  I think I'm going to use that tutorial to make a dress for ME!!!
We'll see you next week for a whole bunch more Summer Hack-stravaganza fun...

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