Monday, July 27, 2020

Summer Hack-stravaganza with Life Sew Savory

The Summer Hack-stravaganza continues with Emily from Life Sew Savory and some BOY sewing goodness!!!  

Hi Friends! It's Emily Thompson from Life Sew Savory here. I was one of the designers on Season 23 and while it was super stressful, it was also very fun. I have two tween boys and a younger daughter and I'm always looking for more ways to sew for my boys.

While looking through the Project Run and Play Shop for patterns I was inspired by the fun bottoms for boys. Today I'm going to show you how to mashed up two patterns and then added my own little spin to these fun joggers as well. Hopefully if you are looking for a similar style you will be able to make these as well.

slim fit jogger hack

Jogger/Pants Hack tutorial-

For this project I started with the Four Seasons Joggers and the Spider Monkey Pants. The fabric used was a combination of Double Knit 100% Poly-Sportswear, and Dimple Mesh/Bird's Eye Light 100% Poly-Sportswear. I bought it from Ronittextle.

I really love the side pockets of the Spider Monkey pants, but the fit of the joggers was more what I was looking for. I decided to mash the two patterns and ended up hack the style a bit more to be just want I was looking for.

I began by tracing the Spider Monkey side pocket and the Four Season front and back.

For tons more modeled photos AND a giveaway for free patterns see my full post on lifesewsavory HERE.

jogger pants hack

There are two lines on the pants because I made two different sizes.

I cut out the larger size of the pants front and back and took about an in off the ankle up through the thigh from the inseam. I wanted a slim fit jogger {middle school dress code!}

Then I folded the pocket pieces in half and took half the width off the side of the front and half off the side of the back of the pants.

hacking a jogger pattern

Now the front and back pieces are ready to have the pocket from the different pants pattern attached to this one. Remember to add a seam allowance to the cut edges when you cut the fabric.

I made two versions of these joggers. One with the side panels the same color as the front and back and the other a more colorful version.

jogger hack

Sew up the pants according to the two different pants patterns. Another hack I added was the elastic waistband. The Four Season Joggers have a knit fabric band only, but I cut a waistband of the mesh fabric and then put 1.5" wide elastic through it and top-stitched.

project run and play pattern hack

Thank you so much, Emily!!!  My boys are now demanding these exact pants, so it's a good thing we have a tutorial now!  
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